“I thought you said this was vegan!”

“I thought you said this was vegan!” or "this is vegetarian?" are comments heard frequently by vegan and vegetarian bakers/cooks alike after someone takes a taste of a sweet treat or baked good who does not ordinarily eat a vegan or vegetarian diet.  Vegans do not eat meat, or any animal products at all, and if you think they might be missing out by not using butter, eggs, or milk in some of those baked goods, you would be mistaken.  Which is why the “I thought you said this was vegan!” is so common to hear.  And not just about a baked good or a sweet treat.  Plenty of times at different events vegan dishes go completely unnoticed as being vegan because they just taste so good.  There are so many great books available that can help get you started on the path to a vegan, or vegetarian diet, don’t be afraid to give it a go.  So many in fact that we had to create two separate book lists to accommodate all the choices.  Check out this sampling of vegan baking books here to begin your vegan baking journey, or try one of these great books from below to expand your cooking repertoire.  

A Gentle Introduction to the World's Hottest Food Trend Whether you're a committed vegan or just curious about this increasingly popular diet which has so many health and environmental benefits, Holly will take you on a mouthwatering journey while converting to a plant-based diet.  Going Vegan by Holly White.

Vegan for Everyone is the perfect book for anyone looking to add easy-to-prepare and delicious, plant-based food into their weekly menu plan. This innovative cookbook features more than 160 family friendly recipes (135 are gluten-free friendly) and over 200 beautiful, full-color photos, including 100+ new recipes, along with updated versions of 60 fan-favorites -- all created by award-winning vegan chef Laura Theodore (PBS's Jazzy Vegetarian). Plus, this book includes an entire chapter of up-to-date nutritional information contributed by Julieanna Hever , MS, RD, CPT (The Plant-Based Dietitian), making it a complete and fun way to make family meals kinder, healthier and--most of all--tastier.  Vegan for Everyone by Laura Theodore

Food justice activist and author Bryant Terry breaks down the fundamentals of plant-based cooking in Vegetable Kingdom , showing you how to make delicious meals from popular vegetables, grains, and legumes.  The book is organized by ingredient, making it easy to create simple dishes or showstopping meals based on what's fresh at the market. Bryant also covers the basics of vegan cooking, explaining the fundamentals of assembling flavorful salads, cooking filling soups and stews, and making tasty grains and legumes. With beautiful imagery and classic design, Vegetable Kingdom is an invaluable tool for plant-based cooking today.  Vegetable Kingdom by Bryant Terry.

Quinoa. Healthy, tasty, versatile, a plant that's a complete protein source, what more can vegetarians or anyone, really ask for in a food? Pronounced keen-wa , quinoa comes originally from South America, where the Incas, who domesticated it, called it the "mother of all grains." But while it looks like a grain and is cooked like a grain, it's actually a plant whose seeds are edible, and it's closely related to other superfoods such as beets, spinach or chard.  The Vegetarian's Complete Quinoa Cookbook.

In Martin Nordin's second book, he brings us a host of mouthwatering, modern vegetarian recipes, using the most elemental and ancient method of cooking: fire. Not just a barbecue cookbook, Fire, Smoke, Green is broken up into seven chapters that cover everything you need to know about making great food over the flame: from grilling directly onto fire, to cooking with indirect fire, smoked recipes and even wood-fired pizza.  Fire, Smoke, Green by Martin Nordin. 

This little book has been compiled by special and repeated request. Otherwise, I should have hesitated to add to the already existing number of vegetarian cookery books. It is not addressed to the professional cook, but to those who find themselves, as I did, confronted with the necessity of manufacturing economical vegetarian dishes without any previous experience of cooking.  Traditional Vegetarian Cookbook by Florence Daniel.

Go ahead, check out as many of these books as you might like.  The library will find more vegan and vegetarian options for you to drool over.

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