Gardening in stressful times: what you can do

Though the Library and schools are closed, there is still quite a bit you can do from your home to make these hard times just a little bit better. For example, you can start your own victory garden! 

Even though our seed library isn’t available at Kingshighway right now, there are a few ways you can get seeds for such an endeavor, such as shopping online, buying seeds from the grocery or hardware store, or collecting seeds from your produce at home (just make sure you buy the tomatoes with seeds). You know when your onions start to sprout little green stalks? Or when your potatoes grow eyes? You can even just push them into the ground! Potatoes and onions, and some other root vegetables, have that nifty quirk of being an actual root and can self-seed themselves. 

Don’t have a yard or even enough space to plant something? No problem! You can make a small potted garden and still grow veggies on your porch, your windowsill, even your roof! 

No idea what you need to grow? That’s fair -- it can be a daunting task to decide what foods you might need (or truly want). Consider growing hearty and plentiful vegetables, such as zucchini, or leafy greens such as lettuce, arugula, or spinach. If you follow the root vegetable route, try sticking a potato into a large pot full of dirt, and see what happens. MOBOT also has some advice about what grows well in our area, and they have plenty of information on how to start seedlings.

  If this still seems a bit overwhelming, we’ve got you covered. Overdrive and Hoopla, as well as our many other digital resources, have hundreds of books on the topics, and should help you get started or give you ideas. Here are just a few titles with plenty of information, as well as photos to inspire you.
Edible Spots and Pots

The Rooftop Growing Guide

Container Gardening For Beginners

The Book of Gardening Projects for Kids

Seed Starts & Smarts

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