Entertaining with Blue Colours

What a pleasure it is to plan a party! Let’s start with planning a cocktail party. What do you think of first? Of course, you need to ask yourself, “why are you planning a party?” The answer to this question will give you the background to your planning. The theme can set the mood, the colour, the extraordinary ideas, and the cost of your entertaining budget. For example, a winter theme might be captivating with shades of blue throughout you entertaining facility. Tableclothes, place settings, flowers, and even dinnerware colours will be reflecting the theme of you party. Asking your guests to arrive dressed in white, blue, and silver would add to your theme of snowflakes glittering. Ice crystals (ice cubes) may have blue flowers embedded inside. A deep blue borage flower is a perfect flower to be used. It is star shaped and edible!

When you decide to hold a function, figure out how many people do you want to invite? Will they all attend? Or, do you request that they send a response by a certain date so you know approximately how many guests actually plan to attend? If it is a wedding you will probably have to invite many family, friends, and even coworkers. However, you will probably also know that many don’t like each other. Thus, your table seating arrangements should be well planned out. If you hold an Asian wedding reception, with over ten courses, served at round tables that have a lazy susan in the middle of the table where food is placed, you might consider leaving an empty seat at each table. Then, the bride and groom can move around the room and enjoy the company of their guests, changing tables for each course.

Fabric used to drape over bar tables, or on the backs of chairs, also creates a wonderful image. Just imagine a royal blue material over your serving tables with a crisp white lace on top of that. A very delicate look! Flowers can be arranged at each table placed in clear glass vases. Shorter vases will encourage your guests to talk to one another. A tall vase will detract from conversation as your guests will not have a clear view of each other across from their table.

There are many more ideas to talk about when entertaining. Come check out our culinary books!

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