DIY Education: Teach Yourself Music/Audio Production

On rare occasions, someone will come into the library for a book that we're supposed to have, but can't be found on the shelves.  Could it have been shelved incorrectly? Is it being read by another person in the building? It isn't a common occurrence, but when it happens we're flustered and the person looking for the book is disappointed, usually gracious, but disappointed. Being in the business of information, we'll try to offer books similar to the one being sought. Were you looking to learn how to fly fish? It looks like we have over 100 other books in this location on the subject-- let me get you one of those! 

I recently encountered one of these scenarios: a person was looking for a book on music production, the FL Studio Cookbook book, to be exact. I searched everywhere I thought it might possibly be, but it refused to appear.  I apologized and suggested one of our other music production books, but he was already working with FL Studio. Though it was looking like we were at a dead end, I thought I'd search Lynda, an online learning platform (to which the library subscribes) that offers video courses on a variety of subjects taught by industry experts. Bingo! I found two courses on FL Studio and the customer was thrilled. He was able to use the videos to finish the music project he'd been working on that same evening. 

FL Studio was among 145 other courses that were listed under music production. The Music and Audio section also includes classes on songwriting, mixing, music business, and music theory among others. The courses that Lynda provides complement the substantial number of music and audio books that the library houses on its shelves. The opportunity for a valuable and comprehensive education in music production awaits the ambitious, all for free with a St. Louis Public Library card. Use the recommended reading list below to get started, explore the class offerings through Lynda, or just come in and browse the shelves to find the books you need (and possibly some you didn't know you wanted).

Teach Yourself Music/Audio Production

You don't need to spend lots of $$$ on university-level music classes to learn how music and audio production works. Check out the courses available to you on Lynda (free with a library card) and this list of books on audio/music production to kick-start your music education.

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