Cross-word puzzles

Crossword puzzles are the most popular word game in the world. These titles from our digital collections can help you solve the clues.

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'Tis the season to be jolly, but Cora Felton, shanghaied into "The Twelve Days of Christmas" as a most reluctant maid-a-milking, has every right to feel like a grinch. When someone steals the partridge from the pear tree and replaces it with a cryptic puzzle she has no hope of solving, it's almost more than the Puzzle Lady can bear. But then smug crossword creator Harvey Beerbaum solves the acrostic, and it turns out to be a poem promising the death of an actress. This is more like it! Could the threat be aimed at Cora and her thespian debut? Or at Sherry, one of the ladies-dancing? Or at Sherry's nemesis, the pageant's predatory lead, Becky Baldwin?

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So, you're "crossword curious." You've wanted to know more about crossword puzzles but were afraid to ask. Maybe you've tried one or two, then threw them across the room in disgust when you were stumped. Or maybe you've come close but never actually finished one. Well, fear no more. This little booklet is just for you. With this guide, you will learn the basics of crossword puzzling. The first part of the booklet is a collection of tips on how to decipher the clues. They can be quite confusing. It's all in the way the clues are worded. The second part contains a glossary of those three and four letter words that are always found in crossword puzzles. Many of these words are obscure and seldom used, except in typical crossword puzzles. (Honey, pass the "etui.") So, enjoy this booklet. Read it, and you will be on our way to becoming a brilliant cruciverbalist. (Look it up)

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The solving of crossword puzzles is a kind of aerobics for the little grey cells. It puts one's mental suppleness to the test, it taxes the staying power of one's vocabulary, it usually produces no immediate reward, but completing the exercise gives a satisfying feeling of achievement. A fascination with words – their multiplicity, variety, oddity, their slippery ambiguity and their often chameleon-like ability to change – lurks within many people even if they have no reason to use words other than straightforwardly in their ordinary lives. It provides guidance on: Quick crosswords Cryptic crosswords Clues and cues Anagrams Anagram cues Other cryptic devices This book is intended to provide basic assistance to anyone who needs help in solving a crossword clue. In the first instance it offers a range of words of equivalent meaning, synonyms, for many common terms.

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THIS BOOK IS A PREVIEW – The sole purpose of this preview is to show examples of the puzzles that are available in the physical copy of the book. The contents of this puzzle book are reserved for the more serious cruciverbalists. Made up of a few puzzles that contain hundreds of clues to boggle your brain. Test your trivia knowledge. Doing Crossword Puzzles helps relieve you from stress; Go through this PREVIEW. No lazy day should deter you from still exercising that big brain. Unlike physical exercises, you won't need to sweat out when finding words. Instead, you'll be burrowing your brows as you strain your eyes to see beyond the jungle of letters. The beauty of word search is that there is no limit to it. As long as you still want to, go ahead and search!

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