Compost, the Beautiful Rot

Compost is the rich, dark stuff that smells of the earth is like a super food for your plants. It improves the physical structure of soil as well, allowing water and nutrients to reach vital parts of plants. Learn how to improve your soil by composting with these titles from our digital collections.

Basic Composting by Eric Ebeling

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Each technique illustrated with color photos. Details on what and what not to compost. Suggested uses for finished compost.

How to Build, Maintain, and Use a Compost System by Kelly Smith

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Some of the best fertilizer on the planet can be made with your very own garbage. Starting with something as simple as coffee grounds, old banana peels, bread crusts, and leftover meals, you can start creating a garden with your food waste using the age old secret of composting to build a healthy, happy garden. This book provides a detailed outline of how anyone with a little extra space and a garden can start composting today. You will learn about all of the different ways that composting can be helpful to you, as well as the different reasons why people choose to compost and what you and your vegetables might benefit from when you decide to start composting yourself. You will learn how decomposition works and what the ideal conditions are for decomposition. You will learn which compostable materials are around you right now, from the coffee grounds in your coffee maker to the old fruit in your crisper. Learn about the different kinds of activators and how they get the process started as well as the different composting materials used by home gardeners and professional composters alike, dozens of which have been interviewed for this book. You will be walked through the process of recognizing and using the end product as effectively as possible. For anyone who has ever considered composting as a viable means by which to feed their gardens, this book is for you.

The Mini Farming Guide to Composting by Brett L. Markham

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Composting has never been easier learn how to incorporate Brett Markham’s amazing composting techniques to maximize your vegetable output, increase your self-sufficiency, and be kind to the ecosystem.

The Organic Composting Handbook by Dede Cummings

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Great compost is one of the most important secrets of successful organic gardening. In this comprehensive guide, you'll learn everything you need to know about the various methods of composting and how to adapt them to your home and garden. With full-color photographs and easy-to-follow instructions, this will be a welcome addition to every organic gardener's library. Topics covered include: • What you can and can't throw on your compost pile • How to balance nitrogen and carbon in your pile for quick decomposition and rich compost • Buying or building the best tools and containers • Vermicomposting • How to compost indoors • Troubleshooting smelly compost, dry compost, and other problems • How and when to apply the compost to your garden beds… With growing concerns about the use of pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs in mainstream gardening practices, more and more families are turning to their backyards to grow their own food using methods they know are safe. The need for clear, straightforward instruction on organic gardening techniques has never been greater. With The Organic Composting Handbook, readers will get the information they need to prepare their gardens for healthy, abundant crops.

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