Changes in the Social Sciences Room

This picture shows (a) a close-up of the decoration accompanying our super-spooky display with books on ghosts and other seasonally-appropriate phenomena, (b) the look on some of our regular patrons' faces when they walk into the Social Sciences room after some recent changes, or (c) both (a) & (b). (Pssst: the correct answer is (c).)

As part of a recent reorganization of some of Central's holdings, the Social Sciences room has expanded its collection: while the room previously encompassed 000-339 of the Dewey Decimal System, the room now holds 000-399 of the Dewey. So the good news is that what used to be here in Social Sciences should still be here - just not in the same place. For example, if you regularly came in to look at our Bibles, you may be surprised to find books on Buddhism and Hinduism where you used to find your King James Bible. We are more to happy to show you where the Bibles, both circulating and reference (or whatever your go-to section of the Library is) landed after the move.

After shifting our existing collection we turned to moving our new additions into the room. From the room formerly known as Business/Government/Law (immediately to the South of us) we have acquired books on (you guessed it!) law, government, and some business (though a lot of that is found in the Science and Technology room downstairs in the Dewey 650 vicinity), as well as education, incarceration, fashion, tattoos, folklore, and so much more! 

Shifting the books has revealed some fun juxtapositions and Dewey anomalies - for example, did you know that books on cannibalism immediately precede the books on etiquette? Or that you can find books on Atlantis at (or very near) the beginning (at Dewey 001.94)  AND the end (at 398.42) of our collection? That Melvil Dewey....

In addition to expanding our circulating and reference collection, this shift has brought in a significant number of new (to us) periodicals - so again, if The Atlantic is no longer where you are used to seeing it, ask us. And if you were used to reading the Wall Street Journal next door, you will need to look for it in Social Sciences now. 

We hope that you will visit us soon in the Social Sciences room and let us show you (& use your visit to further familiarize ourselves with) where our prior collection has landed as well as show off (& get to know ourselves) our newly expanded collection!

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