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Deer season is usually very short, about ten days in some locations. The idea of going hunting for deer rather than just a sport, is to add to your freezer meat for the cold winter months.  As well, deer hunting is needed in areas frequently to reduce the deer population. The ministry of natural resources/conservation regulate the length of the  deer hunting season. As well, they monitor how many deer can be taken by each hunter on an annual basis.

The home care of deer meat and aging your venison is a subject that hunters need to learn. First you have to dress and skin your deer. Once completed, a deer then has to been butchered, and then aged it should be frozen quickly to immediately halt any further bacterial action. It helps to preserve the meat. Properly aging venison means subjecting it to the proper temperature and humidity for a prescribed length of time to tenderize the meat.

This can be either done a local butcher shop, or you can do it yourself. Which ever way you choose, there are many delicious parts to make as your dinner meal. Even your pet dog and enjoy roasted liver as a treat!

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