Beep, Beep! Look out for Transportation!

Have you ever wondered how airplanes fly? Where do firetrucks live? How do you ride a bicycle? These books are here to help answer all your questions!

How Does A Jet Plane Work?How Does a Jet Plane Work? by Sarah Eason

This series introduces young readers to the amazing world of transportation technology. Each book tackles a different form of transport technology and examines the design, engineering, and science behind different parts of the system. Detailed diagrams bring each subject to life Incredible cutaways show inner workings of each machine. Sidebars and fact boxes help motivate readers and reinforce skills. Bold, vibrant photos captivate students. Glossary, sources of further information, and index. Who invented the jet engine? How do planes remain airborne? And why is it that jet planes are able to travel faster than conventional aircraft? This book looks at the history of jet flight and explains the astonishing technology that makes it possible.

Samantha on A RollSamantha On a Roll by Linda Ashman
Warned not to try out her new skates, Sammy straps them on anyway, resulting in a wild ride through town.

CarsCars by Nancy Smiler Levinson

Today cars fill our streets and highways. But how did they get there? It took years of trial and error before people created the first motocar. Some early cars looked like giant kettles - others looked like giant tricycles. Some engines were steam; some were electric! How did the internal combustion engine become the engine of choice?Learn how cars changed the lives of people everywhere. Time line included.

BicyclesBicycles by Kate Petty

In many respects, children around the world live very different lives. But at the same time, there are vibrant threads that connect them all. This simple photographic series explores these connections by taking readers around the globe to meet people who are both unique and touchingly familiar. Bicycles: Learning to ride, racing with friends, hauling goods to market, or getting away from it all, bicycles play an important part in cultures around the world. Bicycles introduces readers to Linh, Mumi, Cidinha, and many others, as they show and tell about how they use their bikes.

How to Train A TrainHow to Train a Train by Jason Carter Eaton

Everything you need to know about finding, keeping, and training your very own pet train.

Finding advice on caring for a dog, a cat, a fish, even a dinosaur is easy. But what if somebody's taste in pets runs to the more mechanical kind? What about those who like cogs and gears more than feathers and fur? People who prefer the call of a train whistle to the squeal of a guinea pig? Or maybe dream of a smudge of soot on their cheek, not slobber? In this spectacularly illustrated picture book, kids who love locomotives (and what kid doesn't?) will discover where trains live, what they like to eat, and the best train tricks around--everything it takes to lay the tracks for a long and happy friendship. All aboard!

A Voyage in the CloudsA Voyage in the Clouds by Matthew Olshan

A picture book inspired by the true story of how the first international flight was an Englishman and a French man who rode in a balloon across the English Channel.

The Friend ShipThe Friend Ship by Kat Yeh

A lonely hedgehog sets out on an adventure to find friendship.

Beneath the Streets of BostonBeneath the Streets of Boston by Joe McKendry

Readers explore the territory beneath Boston's streets. Joe McKendry explores a century-old world when Beantown designed and created the country's first subway. Discover how these workers burrowed deep below Boston Harbor, under Beacon Hill and the Old State House, and built the Longfellow Bridge to carry the trains over the Charles River to the center of Cambridge.

Last Stop on Market StreetLast Stop on Market Street by Matt de la Peña

A young boy, CJ, rides the bus across town with his grandmother and learns to appreciate the beauty in everyday things.

The Wheels on the Tuk TukThe Wheels on the Tuk Tuk by Kabir Sehgal

In this twist on the classic song "The Wheels on the Bus," the wheels on the tuk tuk go round and round all over the city in India.

Feeling inspired by all the wheels, gears, and wings? Try making your own vehicle using spare parts you can find around the house:

Toilet Paper Roll Car



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