During the holiday season I am reminded of creating dozens and dozens of unique appetizers for dinner parties that we had at home when I was a teenager. I would help create, at least I thought, unique appetizers the day of our party. In those days, we did not think vegetarian or vegan, but it seems we did invent various appetizers that appealed to all.

As I recall, one of the first appetizers that I helped make were honey dew melon balls wrapped in prosciutto, stuck together with a fancy toothpick. You know, those colorful toothpicks that had red or green cellophane. You could make these in advance and store them in the fridge, covered with plastic wrap so they would not dry out.

Open-faced sandwiches were another favorite. For those liver loving people, we would buy a cocktail size loaf of rye bread, spread soft unsalted butter on one side of the bread, then spread Braunschweiger on top of the butter. Usually we prepared egg whites first, before spreading unsalted butter and Braunschweiger on the bread. To do that, we boiled eggs, let them cool, then separated the egg white from the egg yolk. We go one of those egg slices that you use to slice up the egg white. Once you have the egg whites in little thin slices, sprinkle a bit on top of your Braunschweiger. Again, once made, make sure you cover with a plastic wrap so it does not dry out before your guests arrive.

These are just a few homemade appetizers that I remember were gobbled up during holiday parties when my parents were entertaining. Of course, we created a ton more appetizers that I will mention in another blog posting.

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