All Missouri State Officers Political and Military Records, 1919-1920 Results  

The information in this awkwardly titled record collection in Ancestry Library Edition (LE) was compiled from the book, Official Manual of the State of Missouri for the Years 1919-1920. The record collection includes info on approximately 25,000 state and municipal employees of State of Missouri and local governmental units for the years 1919-1920. The listings include Republican and Democratic Committee members (including almost 2,600 women in 1920—the first year women were allowed to vote in national elections).

This record collection can be searched using 16 different Search Terms such as given name, surname, office, party, position, etc. You can thus create lists of persons who held particular offices; county officials in particular counties; employees of particular institutions—you get the idea. Here are some sample searches I did (case does not matter):

Search Term: Office: Assessor
Results: 409 (results can include other people working in Assessor’s Office)

Search Term: Office: Coroner
Results: 105

Search Term: Office: Judge
Results: 1,479

Search Term: Institute: State Hospital
Results: 1,295

Search Term: Institute: State Federal Soldiers’ Home
Results: 1,342

Search Term: Industrial Home for Girls
Results: 326

Search Term: Any Event: Audrain County, Missouri, USA
Results: 202

Search Term: Any Event: Buchanan County, Missouri, USA
Results: 223

Results vary—info provided can include name, residence, office or position, party, institute, etc.

You have likely already gathered how helpful this information could be for someone writing a history of a Missouri county or locality, or an institution like the State Federal Soldiers’ Home or the Industrial Home for Girls. The information provided for individuals could be fleshed out by consulting additional sources like city directories, the 1920 federal population census, and newspapers published in that county.

Ancestry LE is available at Central library and our branches.

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