Absurd Books

They always say you should never judge a book by its cover but by its contents. But, whoever said this had never seen the books we have seen. While sorting through the many great books we have in Center for the Reader at Central Library, we found a couple of odd looking ones peppered throughout the collection.

Some self-published, others, mass produced. Some that speak of great truths, some that say nothing at all. And yet, all encompass the tropes and themes of science fiction and fantasy that we love. Sword and sorcery, space cowboys or cloned Teddy Roosevelt’s, we seem to run the gambit for strange books. With cover art that looks like something from a B-horror movie, or worse, the side of a sketchy looking van, these can’t be any good. Or, can they?

I honestly don’t know, and that is left for us to decide, those brave enough to delve nose deep into Blasphemy, one of our more esteemed fictions, written by Mike Resnick. Who is he? I have no idea, but his author photo is amazing. Or, you can read Alien Taste by Wen Spence, a tale about a detective raised by wolves….yes, I know.

So for once, at least this month, you should come down and take a look for yourselves at our absurd looking books. They may seem a little odd, but maybe if given the chance, they can surprise you

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