Not quite jazz and not always easy-listening. Probably wouldn’t call it pop music as it’s usually devoid of any sappy lyrics. It veers just far enough to the side of mainstream to be its own genre. Partly influenced by G.I.s returning home from WWII from distant locales, this music now known as “Exotica” became the…
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More Offbeat Romances

With Valentine’s day arriving tomorrow, I wanted to take another look at some romance movies that don’t follow the normal mushy tropes. Last year we made some fantastic recommendations, and I encourage you to go back and check some of those out if you haven’t already. But there are still so many more love stories…
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And So This Is Christmas

Everyone loves Perry Como’s “It’s Beginning To Look Like Christmas” or feels the warm nostalgia listening to “White Christmas” by Bing Crosby year after year. Yes, there are some steadfast standards of the holiday season, but there’s also some quirky ones that get the occasional spin as well. Let’s take a closer look at some…
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