Missouri Movies

Netflix recently released the show Ozark for streaming. The show revolves around a Chicago money launderer that is forced to relocate to Lake of the Ozarks. Regular lake visitors may recognize many spots from the show such as Osage Beach and Party Cove. The show also plays tongue in cheek homage to the ubiquitous Cards-Cubs […]

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Beat the Heat

With the usual summer heat wave encompassing St. Louis people are taking time to hide away in their air-conditioned homes and apartments. So to help you commiserate we thought we would highlight some of the films in our collection in which the heat itself almost becomes a character. Die Hard With a Vengeance  Director John McTiernan returned […]

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Attention All Campers

Thank goodness it's summer time. Hot weather, cool drinks and the perfect time to send your kids away. Of course, you can save the dough and get your fill of the summer camp experience by watching a few films about it. Although there’s plenty out on the subject, these movies are all the same. There’s […]

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Palme d’Or Winners

The Cannes Film Festival just finished in the south of France this weekend and as usual the festival included a who’s who of internationally recognized filmmakers presenting their films in competition for the prestigious Palme d’Or award. So check out one of these Palme d’Or winning films in our collection and see if they have […]

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Jock Jams

It’s that time of year again. The point where baseball, the NFL draft, and the playoffs of the NBA and NHL reach their fever pitch. Yes, the wide worlds of sports have aligned and collided into one big ball of frenzy. Celebrate the fervor with these jock jam favorites you’re certain to hear relentlessly. Rolling […]

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