Halloween ComicFest

Halloween ComicFest Receive a free comic book and participate in a comics-themed craft. Comics will be available for kids, teens and adults (while supplies last). Then, make sure to head to Star Clipper on Washington Ave. for even more fun. 

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Jurassic Park

I recommend watching Jurassic Park. Jurassic Park is about a man named John Hammond who decides to make a theme park with dinosaurs. So, in order to make sure the park has all the right attributes and various dinosaurs he offers the paleontologists, Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler and mathematician, Ian Malcolm first access to […]

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Staff Pick: The Leaf Reader

This is Emily Asenault first YA novel and it is a good one.The main character Marnie Wells discovers that she can read tea leaves. Basketball star Matt Correll asks for a reading. He's been getting emails from someone claiming to be his best friend, Andrea Quinley, who disappeared and is presumed dead. The readings seem […]

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Teen Read Week

Celebrate Teen Read Week! Meet local author DuEwa Frazier and Skype with G. Neri. DuEwa Frazier is a local author, educator and award nominated poet. Her Young Adult books include Quincy Rules and Deanne In The Middle. G. Neri is the Coretta Scott King honor-winning author of Yummy: the Last Days of a Southside Shorty and the recipient of […]

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Connections: Voices of the People

Connections: Robert Burns and Paul Laurence Dunbar - Voices of the People  William Ray, multi-instrumentalist and Americana specialist, and Dennis Lebby, actor, will present music and poetry representing the work of Robert Burns (Scottish National Poet) and Paul Laurence Dunbar (African American Poet) as poets of the people. This concert is part of an education […]

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Hungry is such an amazing book because of the detail and thought the author puts into the idea of living in a world with no food. It has a high vocabulary but I think it’s still worth the read. It’s a captivating roller coaster that I think readers will enjoy if they like dystopian books. […]

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