Meet Ana Gomez

If you’ve been to Creative Experience in the last month, you may have met Ana Gomez. Hailing from the Ex’treme Institute, Ana has been working with us as an intern extraordinaire, sharing her beatmaking chops, working one-on-one with patrons, developing trainings for staff, and scoring a short video about Creative Experience. Ana got her first […]

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Podcasting in Creative Experience

Creative Experience has everything you need to podcast including a Recording Room and four "Pods" with  hardware and software for recording and editing, including the recent addition of Callnote Pro for capturing Skype interviews. Creative Experience  periodically offers free workshops, as well as free online classes and tutorials to get you started with these facilities. Last month, Creative […]

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Virtual Creativity- New Dates Added!

Creative Experience launched virtual reality programming at St. Louis Public Library last fall. Since then, patrons at all neighborhood branches had the opportunity to try out the library's HTC-Vive headset, playing games and visiting virtual locations in The Lab. (Check out these blog posts for more details: Virtual Reality Sneak Peek and Virtual Reality Programming Expands.) […]

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Hip Hop Appreciation Week 2017

St. Louis Public Library celebrated the history and culture of hip-hop with its 4th Annual Hip Hop Appreciation Week, running May 15-20 at Central Library, 1301 Olive Street. All events were free and open to the public. Thanks for coming everyone! What a great week! Please leave comments about what you liked and what you'd like […]

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Animated to Life

Clay, paper, shells, and googly eyes all came to life in Creative Experience last Wednesday. A full room of adults and teens attended artist Sarah Paulsen’s Animated to Life workshop, which introduced participants to 3-D stop-motion animation and guided them through the process of making their own videos. Sarah started the workshop by sharing clips […]

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Ableton Day

Despite snow and bad driving conditions due to St. Patrick's Day festivities, about 30 people made it to Creative Experience for Ableton Day last Saturday. This event was the result of a new partnership between Creative Experience and Sonic Arts United, a local non-profit dedicated to increasing minority representation in music and audio production. As a […]

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Virtual Reality Programming Expands!

This winter, Creative Experience presented our new HTC-Vive Virtual Reality headset at Central, regional branch libraries and special events. (Check out this blog post for more about that.) We're excited to announce that we will be expanding our Virtual Reality programming. Catch us at neighborhood libraries in March and April, and follow us on Facebook, […]

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Recording Room Updates

The Recording Room in Creative Experience will be getting equipment and software updates this weekend. A PC running Windows 10 will replace the older MacBook computer in the studio, and the new workstation will include two 27” high-definition monitors. This system will continue to offer Pro Tools and Audacity, in the latest versions, and will […]

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Hi Tech for Low Tech

Lately, on Thursday afternoons, archaeologist Scott Johnson has been in the Recording Room in Creative Experience, recording a podcast about low-tech solutions to modern-day problems. Scott, a researcher, author and educator who holds a Ph.D. from Tulane University, has been passionate about preindustrial technologies since he was a kid. His early pastimes included converting a […]

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