Secret scenes among the pages

Rare Books & Manuscripts recently acquired this lovely little copy of An Anthology of Modern Verse. While the title was first published in 1921, this particular book is a twenty-fourth edition, printed in 1929. So, what makes this collection of classical English poetry compiled by British educator Sir Algernon Marshall Stedman Methuen special? When the […]

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Quilting a “Book of Hours”

Nearly two years ago, international award-winning local quilter Suzanne Marshall visited Special Collections to view and study a Book of Hours prayer book printed in 1504. She was joined by her husband, Garland, who helped take snapshots of the complex ornamentation which lies inside the pages of the small text. Recently, I was thrilled to see, in person, this stunning HANDMADE quilt […]

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The Werner Collection: A Local Legacy of Type

The fine folks from The Firecracker Press and Central Print recently stopped by Special Collections to view selections from the Nicholas J. Werner Typographic Collection. The collection, which originally belonged to Mr. Werner himself, includes a number of rare typeface catalogs and specimen books dating back to the 1880s. By blending fresh ideas with vintage […]

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Special Collections hosts Historical Images of the North Side tour

Rare Books and Special Collections was delighted to host local historian and author NiNi Harris and her groups from Oasis on November 9th and 10th. St. Louis is the headquarters for Oasis, a national organization whose mission is “to promote healthy aging through lifelong learning, active lifestyles and volunteer engagement.” We were just one stop […]

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Masters and The Mirror

Born, raised, and educated in St. Louis, William Marion Reedy (1862-1920) was writer, editor, and publisher of The Mirror, a local weekly journal at the turn of the last century. Though somewhat overlooked by time, The Mirror and Reedy’s colorful opinions, on politics and literature especially, were influential on an international scale. An “intellectual (if […]

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