Local trademark matters

Readers of the Riverfront Times may have noticed a story showing the effect of a battle over intellectual property. A dispute over the trademark for Amighetti's resulted in the closure of Colino's Cafe and Bakery earlier this month. This article tells a piece of the story and shows the importance of the ownership of recipes…
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Searching for ownership

Recently, the PTRC received an inquiry about whether the Catholic Church owns any patents. How do you find out whether a corporation or other institution has any patents? Start at PatFT, the USPTO's database of full-text patents. The default searches all fields, but it is often much more useful to pick a particular field. Patent…
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Verification of standards: marks as shortcuts for consumers

The last blog post was about a very particular kind of mark which indicates where something is produced. There are other certification marks that indicate other characteristics. A certification mark may be a geographical indicator, like but it can also indicate other characteristics, like or This page from Underwriter Laboratories explains how they certify use of…
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