Hello Jello

When Fall comes and all the children are in school, it's hard not to feel some nostalgia for my sack lunches of bologna sandwiches and Jell-O pudding cups. As a kid, before we learn how it was originally made, Jell-O was an intriguing substance. Solid, yet liquid it wiggles and jiggles just like the jingle […]

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Dinner in a Dash

I try so, so hard to make a weekly meal plan. Nothing too specific, but I only want to make one trip to the grocery store.  So I check the freezer, the fridge and the pantry to make sure that I have everything we need. Alas, “The best laid plans of mice and men/Often go […]

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Simplest. Supper. Ever.

As summer winds down, everyone is trying to cram as many activities in as possible before the weather settles a cool mantle on the region’s shoulders (hopefully sooner than later). We sure as heck don’t want to spend these last days in the kitchen with the oven blasting more heat. Crockpots are the busy person’s […]

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It’s too hot to cook

Yuck! Summer has arrived in the Gateway City. With our eyes gazing longingly to the first day of fall, the rumble emanating from our stomachs reminds us that it can’t wait that long. It wants to be fed now. We’re tired of barbecue already, so what to do? SLPL has thousands of inspiring cookbooks (and […]

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Street food at home!

Now that we're seeing some warmer weather and more sunshine, some people I know have been saying they're looking forward to summer art fairs and festivals, and the great street food that accompanies those events. There's just something about that combination of fresh air, sun, and tantalizing smells that make our mouths water. But what […]

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It’s time for ramps!

April is the prime time to enjoy ramps, a garlicky spring vegetable that seems to pop up right now and then disappear after a few weeks.  So what the heck is a ramp?  They are wild leeks, most often foraged from shaded, woody areas and for many of us, one of the first signs of […]

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