Total Eclipse of the Heart

Have you ever considered what it would be like to travel back in time? I imagine being excited and terrified. In Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court the main character finds himself in a bit of a sticky situation. Thankfully he being from the future knew that a solar eclipse was going to […]

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Urban Fiction

Have you checked out our Urban Fiction collection in The Center for the Reader? The genre made its debut in the 60’s and 70’s and most stories had inner city settings. Topics such as gangs, violence, drugs, poverty, and prostitution are typically found in stories in this genre, although there is a subgenre of Christian […]

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Crossing over

J.K. Rowling began the Harry Potter revolution and provided many readers with a well composed young adult fantasy series. Did you know she also wrote outside of the fantasy and young adult genre? The Casual Vacancy is an adult fiction novel that falls into the black humor category. Unfortunately, The Casual Vacancy was not as […]

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Winter is Coming

If you’re still convinced that Game of Thrones will have a happily ever after you haven’t been paying attention. Here in The Center for the Reader we have our GOT fans who are thrilled the next season is coming out July 16th! Check out for more information because Winter is coming this Summer!  If you […]

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Veterans Writing

St. Louis Public Library supports veterans, not only with the recent WWI exhibit at Central Library, but through our Veterans Writing group, which is for Veterans and family members of veterans who have the desire to write or who are already writing and want a group to share with. The group meets the 3rd Tuesday […]

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Give Me a Beat

Music is a huge part of our lives; whether we want to hear that new song on the radio or not, it’s probably going to play no matter what we do. Think about commercials with songs by The Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin or products such as perfume being promoted by Taylor Swift. How great […]

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