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The St. Louis Public Library's Artist Spotlight highlights the work of professional local artists who are making an impact on the St. Louis community.

Selected artists and their work will be featured online for two months, by invitation only.

Featured Artist: Metro Academic and Classical High School

Metro Academic and Classical High School is a magnet school in the St. Louis Public School District that aims to create a rigorous college preparatory atmosphere for students from St. Louis.

An IB (International Baccalaureate) school, Metro juniors and seniors are able to enroll in a variety of IB courses. In IB Visual Art, students are challenged to create a coherent body of work through independent exploration, investigation, and reflection.

This group of graduating seniors exhibited their artwork at Intersect Arts Center in March of this year.

Their work was evaluated and will serve as one component of their overall IB Grade (to be determined and released in early summer). As they prepare for their future, we hope to continue to celebrate their amazing accomplishments despite the many challenges they encountered over the past years.

School website:


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