Pageturners 2010 Kicks Off

St. Louis, MO . . . The St. Louis Public Library is proud to announce the 2010 kickoff of its annual reading club for adult and high school readers, Pageturners. The popular program continues through Saturday, August 7, at all St. Louis Public Library locations. This year’s theme, “Water Your Mind… Read,” is inspired by summer being a time of renewal and growth—but only if plants are watered regularly. Likewise, it is important that we all take time to water our minds by reading to keep us fresh and invigorated. It’s a fun and rewarding way to spend the summer.

To take part in Pageturners, readers should register ONCE at any Library location. They’ll receive a reading log to keep track of the books, magazines, or audio books that they complete. Each person who signs up and completes the program by reading or listening to 10 books will receive a reading certificate and special Pageturners prizes. Those who complete the club also have the chance to win two tickets to a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game and are entered into a drawing to win a laptop computer! Participants must be high school age or older and current valid St. Louis Public Library cardholders. No prizes will be awarded after August 7.

Those looking for great ideas for something new to read should visit the “Book Lovers” section of our website, There they’ll find fiction, mystery, fantasy, science fiction, romance, graphic novels, literary fiction, and non-fiction titles to try.

Major funding and support for Pageturners is provided by the St. Louis Cardinals.

For more information, visit any Library location, the Library’s website at, or call 314-539-0340.

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