Food For Fines 2009 Success

The St. Louis Public Library and the St. Louis Area Foodbank are proud to announce that their partnership in the “Food for Fines” program was an overwhelming success for the second consecutive year! Throughout July, adult readers brought in canned goods of all kinds from baby formula to beef stew to St. Louis Public Library locations throughout the city. For every item brought in, up to $1 was subtracted from overdue fines. Although some patrons owed as little as 10 cents, they still made donations. Food barrels were filled up several times at many locations. Overall, Library patrons turned in a staggering 13,310 pounds of food—an increase of more than two tons over last year’s impressive total. According to the St. Louis Area Foodbank, the food will provide 10,648 meals for those in need throughout our area—meals that are especially beneficial in today’s difficult economic environment.

The “Food for Fines” program again proved a tangible way for St. Louisans to serve the community. Patrons at all of our locations participated—even some who did not owe fines but wanted to contribute to the cause. For example, the Step By Step Preschool, located in the Cabanne Branch neighborhood at 5261 Delmar, took community involvement a step further. They used “Food For Fines” as a learning opportunity about giving. Fifteen children in the school-age class (ages 5-12) donated 23 cans of food—even though the reduction of fines was only applicable to adult readers. This simple act demonstrates the level of commitment that St. Louisans have to the helping both the Library and those who are less fortunate.

The Library is proud to have partnered once again with the St. Louis Area Foodbank in this important initiative. The St. Louis Area Foodbank is a nonprofit food distribution center for organizations that feed hungry people in 14 eastern Missouri and 12 southwestern Illinois counties.

Thank you, St. Louis, for making “Food for Fines” a success!

For more information, call the Library’s Customer Service Department at 314-539-0342.

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