"Food for Fines" Returns

St. Louis, MO . . . The St. Louis Public Library is proud to announce that it has teamed-up with the St. Louis Area Foodbank to present “Food for Fines.” Thanks to overwhelmingly positive feedback from its “Read Down Your Fines” program for children and teens, the Library created a version of this program so that adult patrons can reduce their late fees too!

From July 1 through 31, adults can pay down their fines by bringing in canned goods to any St. Louis Public Library location. For every item brought in, $1 will be subtracted from overdue fines. A $25 limit applies and applies only to fines—not on lost or damaged materials.

This is a great opportunity for patrons to give back to the community and get their Library record back in good standing. Patrons can then take full advantage of the great materials and programs the Library offers such as downloadable movies, computer classes, and Pageturners!

The Library is proud to partner with the St. Louis Area Foodbank in this effort. The St. Louis Area Foodbank is a nonprofit food distribution center for organizations that feed hungry people in the City of St. Louis, 13 counties in eastern Missouri, and 12 counties southwestern Illinois. In 2008, they provided 15 million pounds of food and personal care items to people throughout the area.

The Foodbank can accept:

*   Canned Meats

*   Peanut Butter

*   Canned Fruits

*   Beef Stew

*   Canned Soup

*   Baby Formula

*   Canned Chili

*   Hot & Cold Cereal

*   Rice & Beans

*   Powdered Milk

*   Macaroni & Cheese

*   Canned Vegetables


Even if patrons don’t have fines, we’ll gladly accept items for the Foodbank.

For more information, call the Library’s Customer Service Department at 314-539-0342.

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