Instant noodles
100 best Asian noodle recipes
Bill Jones and Stephen Wong.
Toronto : R. Rose, c2010.
A new culinary horizon that includes a wonderful array of noodle dishes.
Noodles every day : delicious Asian recipes from Ramen to rice sticks
by Corinne Trang ; photographs by Maura McEvoy.
San Francisco : Chronicle Books, c2009.
Noodle dishes are a beloved staple throughout Asia and are eaten at all hours of the day and night. Asian cuisine expert Corinne Trang presents more than 70 recipes that make it easy to discover such simple pleasures as the Vietnamese rice noodle soup known as Pho, mee krob (a sweet and crispy fried rice vermicelli) from Thailand, and Japanese Soba. Chapters are organized by type of noodle Wheat, Egg, Buckwheat, Rice, and Cellophane and then Buns, Dumplings, and Spring Rolls, so it's easy to find just the right treat for the occasion. With a section on basic Asian ingredients plus information on simple equipment and easy techniques to master, this great guide ensures that each dish comes out perfect every time.
The ramen king and I : how the inventor of instant noodles fixed my love life : a memoir
Andy Raskin.
New York : Gotham Books, c2009.
For three days in January 2007, the most-emailed article in The New York Times was "Appreciations: Mr. Noodle," an editorial noting the passing, at age 96, of billionaire Momofuku Ando, the inventor of instant ramen. The very existence of the noodle inventor came as a shock to many, but not to Andy Raskin, who had spent nearly three years trying to meet Ando. Why? To fix the problems that plagued his love life. The Ramen King and Iis Raskin's memoir about how despair-and a series of bizarre adventures at Japanese restaurants-led him to confront the truth of his romantic past, and how Ando became his unlikely spiritual guide. Through letters ostensibly penned to the culinary sage, Raskin reveals a relationship history plagued by infidelity, jealousy, and betrayal. After devouring Ando's essays (with titles such as "Peace Follows from a Full Stomach" and "Mankind is Noodlekind"), he sets out to meet the food pioneer-and to discover the secret to a committed relationship.

Over a half-century ago instant noodles were invented by Momofuku Ando. Some call them the greatest Japanese invention of the 20th century. Especially those who love ramen.

Ramen is a Japanese noodle dish with broth, garnished with meat and vegetables. Instant ramen noodles allow anyone to make this dish simply by adding boiling water.

Instant noodles are a staple with the college crowd because they are inexpensive to buy, taste great, and are easy to prepare. Students quickly turn these instant noodles into a creative meal or snack. Others play games like hockey or baseball with the block of noodles before deciding how they are going to eat them.

All the noodles in one package would strech out to 78 feet. Thatís more then two times the length of a tennis court.

Ramen quick facts

The noodles cook up fast. In a matter of minutes you could be eating a noodle dish that'll be enjoyed by the whole family. Once cooked, drain the noodles and you could be serving more than just soup. Add the seasoning package that comes with it and stir fry with your favorite meat and vegetables. Don't use the seasonings and instead stir in your favorite pasta sauce. For chilled noodles, top with pepperoni and onion, drizzle with Italian dressing for an antipasto.

Cooked? Raw? Once the noodles are smashed, sprinkle a favorite flavor on them for an instant crunchy snack.

After you've made your first meal or snack with instant noodles there'll be no end to your imagination.

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