Exergaming: Fun Way to Work Out

If youíre looking for an exercise program but donít want to pay a costly gym membership, there may be an answer in your entertainment center: exergaming with your video gaming system.  Whether your household has an Xbox 360. a Wii, or PlayStation 3, there is a way to use your gaming system to get fit by using platform add-ons.

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Exergaming has been around for many years.  Dance Dance Revolution was originally an arcade game until it was released as a home game by PlayStation in 1998.  This was the first successful exercise game using an electronic pad to track foot movements.

The Nintendo Wii was released in 2006.  This gaming system uses remotes to track arm movement.  With the advent of Wii Fit a balance board was added to track leg movements.

In 2010, Microsoft started selling the Xbox Kinect.  This add-on to the Xbox 360 gaming system tracks full body movements through a camera.  No controller is necessary; the gamer becomes the controller. The gamer must have a fixed amount of space to use the Kinect properly. 

Sport games are another way to get you and your family moving. Imagine a bowling alley, putt putt golf course or even carnival games in the middle of your family room.

Also in 2010, PlayStation 3 released a motion sensing game controller called the PlayStation Move.  Like the Wii, the PlayStation uses a handheld controller/sensor for the gamer.  The sensor works in conjunction with the PlayStation Eye camera.

Games such as Fit N Six and Winter Sports for the Wii and Dance Central and Body and Brain for Xbox can put the gamer through rigorous workouts.

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff