Wonderful bamboo

Want to be more eco-friendly with the environment…consider bamboo!

Try wearable, breathable, washable clothing and bedding; try decorative, sustainable, biodegradable flooring and fencing made from bamboo. And, remember that traditional Chinese medicine has long known the useful benefits of bamboo for tea.

Practical bamboos : the 50 best plants for screens, containers and more
Paul Whittaker.
Portland, Or. : Timber Press, 2010.
Bamboos are valued for their attractive culms, year-round foliage, and ability to add serenity to any garden scene. They add style to a garden and are ideal for screening eyesores and buffering noise. But the key to success is careful selection. Practical Bamboos features the 50 best bamboos based on appearance and usefulness. A handy checklist allows readers to pick plants that are right for them at a glance. A section on using bamboo in the garden covers topics such as incorporating bamboos in the mixed border, using them to create Japanese-style or Mediterranean-style gardens, using them for hedges and edging, establishing them in containers, choosing the right ones for difficult places, and selecting the best plants for small gardens or waterside planting. Gardeners new to bamboo will relish the imaginative design and landscaping ideas and feel inspired to take a chance on a dynamic, rewarding plant.
The craft & art of bamboo : 30 eco-friendly projects to make for home & garden
Carol Stangler.
New York, N.Y. : Lark Books, c2008.
Beautiful, sustainable bamboo is one of the most popular materials around for gardens and home décor. This highly regarded introduction to the material is now back in print, revised and updated. It still offers rich history, fascinating background, and great projects, but with several new images—making this the most attractive source on the “it” plant of the green movement. From weathering the plant and preventing insect damage to attaching, bending, flattening, finishing, and preserving the bamboo, this photo-filled introduction covers it all. More than 30 how-to projects include a curved garden handrail, low trellis for climbing plants, porch swing, and even an outdoor shower stall. Lush photography and abundant illustrations make the book a visual treat.
Bamboos and grasses
Jon Ardle.
New York, N.Y. : DK Pub., s2007.
  1. "Royal Horticultural Society"--T.p. verso.
  2. Includes index.
Ornamental bamboos
David Crompton.
Portland, Oregon : Timber Press, 2006.
"Bamboos are among the most fascinating of plants. Their unusual life cycle, tremendous power of growth, and extraordinary diversity of size and form give them a special significance in gardens." "David Crompton explains the characteristics that set bamboos apart, and everything that is needed to grow them successfully. The various uses of bamboo are considered, including the creation of a garden devoted exclusively to bamboos, followed by advice on preparing the site and soil, establishing and maintaining plants, moving them, propagating them, combining them with companion plants, and dealing with any problems that may arise. The core of the book is a gardener's guide to nearly two hundred ornamental bamboos to grow and enjoy, supplemented by lists of bamboos for specific purposes."--BOOK JACKET.

Technically, bamboo is a grass, the fastest growing grass in the world. Some of more than a 1000 species grow up to 4 ft. per day. Diverse species can be found all over the world -- East Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Northern Australia, parts of the South Eastern United States and parts of South America. When treated, bamboo forms a very hard, lightweight, durable wood, used for construction, architecture, and decoration.

Great for the environment, bamboo does not require pesticides, herbicides, or irrigation to grow; it is among the most abundant plant resources on earth.

Bamboo fabric acts as a thermal regulator to body temperature. On the skin it's breathable, which keeps it drier.

Other products include bamboo:

Bedding and towels

Useful Things Made of Bamboo

Clothing made of bamboo fiber is anti-bacterial and aids deodorization. Check the label on the clothes in your closet and compare:

  • Made from an organic and eco-friendly source
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-microbial socks made from bamboo fibers  

The bamboo flower plant consumed by Panda bears for food is not the same species used for fabric.

Few plants are as versatile or beneficial as bamboo.

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff