Money saving coupons

Groceries make up a large part of the household budget. You could reduce your grocery bill by using coupons. There are lots of places to find coupons:

  • Newspapers have coupon inserts in the Sunday paper.
  • Ads in women's magazines frequently have coupons.
  • Junk mailers have manufacturer coupons stuffed in them.
  • Print coupons from company websites or request them through mail, e-mail or phone.
  • Products have coupons inside the box, printed on the inside cardboard or on the back of the package.
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There are names for coupons depending where they come from:

  • Catalinas are coupons that are printed out with your receipt.

On the store shelf you could find :

  • Blinkies dispense from a machine that have a red blinking light to get your attention.
  • Tear off coupons at Tearpads.

On the product itself:

  • Peel Peelies off products.
  • Hangtags hang around the top of a product.

You can save money on more than groceries. Find savings in retailer ads on clothes, shoes, jewerly, car repairs and more! Some retailers may accept other company's coupon for the same product for your business.

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Once you start clipping coupons you will need to organize and have quick access to them. Find a container to put them in like binder or coupon wallet. File them in an orderly fashion either by product type or by the layout of your store. Check the experiation dates often.

You can maximize your savings by shopping at stores that offer double coupons. Combine coupons with sales. Trade coupons with friends, family and co-workers or start a coupon club and you could be on your way to saving on the grocery budget.

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff