Whoopie Pie

The Whoopie Pie is a baked good that may be considered a cookie, cake or pie. It is made of two round mound-shaped pieces of chocolate cake with a sweet, fluffy white filling.

Making whoopies : the official whoopie pie book
by Nancy Griffin.
[S.l ] : Down East Books, 2010.
Whoopie pies could be declared the official Maine dessert, and many assert that the rotund chocolate confection originated there, although Pennsylvania actually has a an equally strong claim to that honor. No matter-aficionados in both locales never tire of the giant sandwich cookies, and the comfort-food treats are enjoying a renaissance as bakeries offer gourmet versions on the Internet. This little book is a wide-ranging, lighthearted look at whoopie pies and the folks who love them.
The ultimate chocolate cookie book : from chocolate melties to whoopie pies, chocolate biscotti to black and whites, with dozens of chocolate chip cookies and hundreds more
Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough.
New York : William Morrow, c2004.
Can you ever have enough chocolate? Not Likely!

Pennsylvania and Maine both claim to be the birthplace of the Whoopie pie. The main difference between the recipes is the New England version uses marshmallow creme in the filling.

The recipe for whoopie pies has its origins with the Amish. These were special treats made from left over batter. According to Amish legend, when farmers and school children found these treats in their lunch, they would shout "Whoopie!"

At the Hershey Farm  in Strasburg, PA, an annual Whoopie Pie Festival is held featuring a Whoopie Pie eating contest, Whoopie Pie checkers, and the coronation of the Whoopie Pie Queen.

Whoopie Pie Festival

In Maine, these treats are more like a cake than a pie or a cookie, and are about the size of a hamburger. The State of Maine Legislature considered making the Whoopie Pie the official state's dessert. L.D. 71, officially known as "An Act to Designate the Whoopie Pie as the State Dessert", reads "The whoopie pie, a baked good made of two chocolate cakes with a creamy frosting between them, is the official state dessert".

The original Whoopie Pie is chocolate cake with vanilla filling. Today they can satisfy anyone’s taste. They come in many shapes; heart or shells, flavors; vanilla or pumpkin, and fillings; espresso or rasberry.

The only thing that goes good with a Whoopie Pie is a tall, cold glass of milk.

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