Odd careers
Odd jobs : 101 ways to make an extra buck
Abigail R. Gehring.
New York : Skyhorse Pub., c2007.
Here is a book for every curious, courageous, or desperate person who #8217; s willing to set convention aside to earn a living. From fashioning balloon animals to promoting liquor brands to picking berries in Australia, this easy-to-read, entertaining book takes a candid look at over a hundred jobs that don #8217; t require you to sit in an office eight hours a day, five days a week. For each job listed, there is a summary of what the position entails; potential pay and hours; start-up costs; qualifications necessary; and more. Interspersed throughout are insiders #8217; accounts of odd job experiences sure to give you an honest and amusing picture of what you might encounter. Yes, this is fun reading, but it is more #8212; a chance to change your life!
Odd jobs : portraits of unusual occupations
Nancy Rica Schiff.
Berkeley : Ten Speed Press, 2002.
In 65 intimate portraits, photo essayist Rica Schiff captures the personalities and occupations of oddball professionals, providing a short profile of each. Jobs include duck walker, coin polisher, doll doctor, and artificial inseminator. 65 photos.
You can run, but you can't hide
by Duane "Dog" Chapman with Laura Morton.
New York : Hyperion, c2007.
Chronicling a 25-year career of capturing more than 6,000 fugitives--as well as starring in his own reality show on A #38;E, "Dog the Bounty Hunter"--Chapman reveals his violent and inspirational journey in this extraordinary memoir, all told with his trademark bravado.

Ask someone about the oddest job they’ve had. You might be surprised at the answer. Even better, the answer may get you thinking about turning your odd job into a new career.

Imagine yourself succeeding at one of these odd, but often, lucrative careers.

Snake milkers help extract venom from reptiles. The venom can be used to create antivenom and other medicines, making this career of interest to animal lovers wanting to help others.

The handbook of mascots & nicknames : a guide to the nicknames of all senior, junior, and community colleges throughout the United States and Canada
Peter J. Fournier.
[Lithia, FL] : Raja and Assoc., c2003.
A US sports trivia fan collects such team mascot gems as the U. of California-Santa Cruz Banana Slugs and nicknames as the Manna Bible College Saints. Cross-listed by institution and mascot/nickname. Annotation ©2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (
Big-game taxidermy : a complete guide to deer, antelope, and elk
Todd Triplett.
Guilford, Conn. : Lyons Press, c2006.
From proper field care and tanning to crafting life-size mounts this book covers all aspects of the art of taxidermy

Leech purveyors is another unusual health-related job where people raise and distribute medicinal leeches to help with surgical procedures.

Pollen collectors actually harvest pollen from the blossoms of dozens of types of trees. Allergy sufferers can thank these people every time they use the extracts that minimize their symptoms.

Bounty hunters help apprehend fugitives. Also, called bail enforcement officers, here is a career for those looking into law enforcement.

Ever heard of these?

Ice Cream Taster
Wrinkle Chaser
Laughter Therapist

More unusual jobs

Voice actors get paid to talk. If you have a voice others enjoy hearing, this may be the career for you.

Mascots work year round to keep the fans excited.  These energetic symbols of a team need to be a blend of actor and athlete.

Taxidermists can be found working for museums or businesses catering to hunters and fishermen. Successful taxidermists are familiar with anatomy, sculpture, painting, and tanning.

It might be the ‘oddest job’ that will bring adventure, fun and challenge into your life.

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff