Hot dogs
The great American hot dog book : recipes and side dishes from across America
by Becky Mercuri.
Salt Lake City, UT : Gibbs Smith, c2007.
"The Great American Hot Dog Book" reveals the inside story of how the hot dog became one of America's favorite food icons. This collection is also loaded with frank recipes from across the nation as well as recipes for out-of-this-world fries, sauces, sides, and more.
The River Cottage preserves handbook
by Pam Corbin ; introduced by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.
Berkeley [Calif.] : Ten Speed Press, c2010.
In this 75-recipe collection, River Cottage Farm master preserver Corbin introduces a world of jams, jellies, butters, curds, pickles, chutneys, cordials, liqueurs, vinegars, and sauces that can be made from local produce throughout the year.
Salt : cooking with the world's favorite seasoning
Valerie Aikman-Smith ; photography by Jonathan Gregson.
New York, NY : Ryland Peters and Small, 2009.
Salt in all its forms is a hot culinary trend. It enhances any savory dish and makes the taste buds sing. In this beautiful book, top cook and food stylist Valerie Aikman-Smith introduces you to all kinds of salts, from Hawaiian Red Alaea Salt to Jurassic Salt. Her Appetizers include tasty Olive Suppli, Gazpacho with Smoked Salted Croutons, and fun Popcorn with Chili Salt. In Entrees, you'll find the classic salt-crust method with new twists, such as indian-spiced Lamb in a Salt Crust, or how about Spicy Pork Satay with Roast Salted Peanut Sauce, or a refreshing Peach Caprese with Curry Salt? In Sides and Breads you'll discover tempting flatbreads and pretzel bites, and you'll be captivated by Valerie's Drinks and Sweets . How about a Black Olive Martini or Bloody Mary with Celery Salt, or a Chocolate Chip Cookie with Sea Salt? Be amazed as the flavors mingle in your mouth. Finally, a chapter of Rubs, Butters, and Brines offers you dozens of versatile ways to jazz up grilled meat or fish, vegetable crudites or potato chips, or use them with your own recipes. Once you've tried Valerie's stunning recipes you will never look at salt in the same way again.
Mitchell Duneier ; with photographs by Ovie Carter ; and an afterword by Hakim Hasan.
New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1999.
Sidewalk is about a group of men -- Hakim, Marvin, Mudrick, and Ishmael, among others -- who sell books, magazines, and recycled trash on Sixth Avenue in Greenwich Village. Most of them are black, some are homeless and have prison records and histories of addiction; they are the targets of politicians, moralists, greedy business owners, and the police. Mitchell Duneier spent much of five years in their company: working at their vending tables, hearing their stories, and observing the roles they play. He came away convinced that these men, in their struggles to better themselves, are fundamental to the well-being of the city. Featuring Ovie Carter's powerful photographs, an insightful Afterword by longtime book vendor Hakim Hasan, and a new Epilogue, Sidewalk is already recognized as the best book about street life since Jane Jacobs's The Death and Life of Great American Cities. Copyright #169; Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.

A hot dog by any other name, such as frankfurter or wiener, is still just a hot dog.

The word frankfurter comes from Frankfurt, Germany where pork sausages are served in the same style as hot dogs, in a bun. The German name for Vienna, Austria is Wien, where their sausage or wiener is made of a mixture of pork and beef. In the U.S. wieners contain pork, while franks are all beef.

Serve them hot no matter how you prepare them; grilled, steamed, boiled or in the microwave, on a long soft bun, topped with your favorite condiment. They cook in minutes using any method.  Mustard is the most popular condiment followed by ketchup, chili, relish and then onions. Toppings are unlimited but can include sauerkraut, cheese, cole slaw, and chili peppers.

Choking risk

Hot dogs are a choking risk for children. Their size and shape make them easy to get stuck in their windpipe. This risk can be reduced by removing the casing after cooking and cutting the hot dog into small pieces.

It's not hard to find hot dogs cooking all around us. Hot dog stands are available on every other corner at lunchtime.  You can hear the hot dog vendors shouting at the baseball parks to buy from them, "hot dogs, get your hot dogs here".  Rotating grills are keeping hot dogs heated at convenience stores.

There once was a Chevrolet commercial that had us singing "Baseball, hot dogs apple pie and Chevrolet." Hot dogs are the fans favorite. The link between hot dogs and baseball may have begun in 1893 with a German immigrant who owned the St. Louis Browns, Chris von der Ahe was the first to sell them at the ballpark.

Cowboys Stadium : architecture, art, entertainment in the twenty-first century
[texts by David Dillon and David Pagel ; introduction by Michael Auping].
New York : Rizzoli : Distributed to the U.S. trade by Random House, 2010.
The book will be in three sections: 1) a front illustrated essay by David Dillon on the design and constructional history of the stadium 2) a visual "walk-through" of the building, including all the major public spaces and the private behind the scene spaces 3) a focus on the 19 art installations throughout the stadium, with a text by David Pagel.
Big league ballparks : the complete illustrated history
Gary Gillette and Eric Enders ; with Stuart Shea and Matthew Silverman.
New York : Metro Books, c2009.
Baseball fans may argue over the all-time best pitchers, worst plays in history, or which team will win the pennant, but everyone can agree that the baseball stadium holds a sacred place in American cultural life. In this breathtakingly comprehensive tour of ballparks past and present, readers can enjoy an intimate view of every major league park (more than sixty-five in all): cozy Wrigley Field, magnificent Dodger Stadium, historic Fenway Park, newcomer Miller Park, and much more. Packed with nearly a thousand breathtaking photos that zoom right into the action, this massive tome is a box seat for baseballís evolution from the crude grounds of the 1890s to the opulent new stadiums opened in New York in 2009.nbsp;
Busch Stadium : the first season
St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
[St. Louis, Mo.] : St. Louis Post-Dispatch, c2006.

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff