Entertaining with St. Louis brands
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"Microbrewed Adventures is your shotgun seat to unique, eccentric and pioneering craft-brews and the fascinating people who create them. Travel with Charlie as he crisscrosses America and circles the globe in search of the most flavor-packed beers. Along with discovering the master brews of Bavaria, secret recipes for mead and the traditional beers of Zimbabwe, you will find lessons on proper beer tasting and read interviews with American master brewers including those of Dogfish Head, Magic Hat, Rogue Ales, Stone Brewing and Brooklyn Brewery. Charlie also includes special homebrew recipes inspired by the innovative brewers who are making some the best beer in the world.

Collectible soda pop memorabilia : identification & value guide
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Summers has produced a fantastic new guide that encompasses the entire field of soda pop collectibles. With over 1,000 detailed color photos, this guide will be invaluable to both the beginning and advanced collector.
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Hosting a party or entertaining guests? Why not highlight some of the food brands that got their start here in the St. Louis area and support our local businesses? From beginning to end, community companies have you covered. You might be surprised to learn what is made right here in town.

Many choices are available for drinks. St. Louis has a long history of breweries, and microbreweries like Schlafly and O'Fallon may have just the taste you're looking for. Of course nonalcoholic beverages for those looking for something sweet can be found in the root beers of Fitz's and IBC. Vess's Whistle Orange soda has been pleasing taste buds since 1925. Coffee companies like Ronnoco, started by the O'Connor family, and Kaldi's have the warm aromatic drinks for cozy gatherings.

If you're planning to barbeque the local favorite, pork steaks, try one of the local St. Louis barbeque sauce varieties like Maull's, different from our Kansas City neighbors. For indoor meats, Volpi has been crafting Italian meats here for over 100 years.

It's so easy for you to create St. Louis style meals and treats with the help of local experts.

St. Louis Entertains

Chocolate lovers can find bliss in smooth chocolates from Bissingers.  Those looking for something sweet with a kick can sample SweeTarts and Fun Dip candies, loved by kids. They were started here by Sunline, now a part of Willy Wonka, owned by Nestle.

Certainly there are many more brands in your kitchen and on the grocery store shelves that are produced right here in St. Louis that you never realized.  Check the labels the next time you're planning to have company and spark some lively conversation about the surprises and pride in our local treats.  Even if the food proves to be too much, you can find relief in another local product, Tums. 

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff