Handmade jewelry
Hemp masters getting knotty : ancient hippie secrets for knotting hip hemp jewelry
written and illustrated by Max Lunger.
Liberty, UT : Eagle's View, c23 [i.e., c2003]
Max does it again but this time with more color and incredible new projects. His new book, Hemp Masters - Getting Knotty, is a simple, easy to follow, instructional guide to creating outstanding hemp jewelry and building upon the success of the first book, features greater use of color and more fantastic patterns. With market tested patterns and a little hippie humor, this guide will keep your customers smiling as they learn. And, as Max says, If you enjoy doing something, you do it well. If you enjoy learning something, you learn it well. This book contains an abundance of illustrations and photographs to complement the clear, complete instructions. The Introduction has definitions of terms used in the book (knotting and hippie lingo), hemp facts everyone should know and a hippie history poem. How To Begin details deciding how long to cut the hemp for a particular project and how to start tying a piece of hemp jewelry. There is also a section of Helpful Hints and Hippie Secrets for working and knotting with hemp cords. The Knotting Guide explains all of the knots and variations. Finally, there are 22 example projects, from the simple to the complex, all beautiful, and with pictures and step-by-step instructions for each. Written for both beginning and seasoned crafters, this volume should prove invaluable for any person wishing to learn more about hemp, knotting techniques, and making irresistible jewelry Book jacket.
1,000 jewelry inspirations : beads, baubles, dangles, and chains
Sandra Salamony.
Gloucester, Mass. : Quarry, 2011.

A visual catalog for jewelry, bead artists and crafters who will relish the opportunity to have so many ideas at their fingertips to inspire their own projects

A showcase of stunning jewelry bits and pieces, "bling" and embellishments, this collection is made to feed the creative appetites of crafters and jewelry makers everywhere. The book offers color, sparkle, texture, dimension, and clever, creative use of materials. One piece of jewelry might have several points of interest to be highlighted: an antique clasp, textured lampwork beads, and intricate knots.

The jewelry architect : techniques + projects for mixed-media jewelry
Kate McKinnon.
Loveland, CO : Interweave Press, C2011.
Innovative jewelry artist Kate McKinnon takes you on a creative journey of techniques and projects in "The Jewelry Architect" as she uses a variety of materials and tools to create gallery-quality bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Features jewelry making tips and 16 gorgeous fashion-forward projects.
The art of metal clay : techniques for creating jewelry and decorative objects
Sherri Haab.
New York : Watson-Guptill Publications, 2010.
The bestselling The Art of Metal Clay returns-revised and expanded to highlight the latest developments in this exciting medium! ¬  Since it was first published in 2004, The Art of Metal Clay has introduced thousands of readers to metal clay-the moldable, malleable clay that becomes pure metal after itís fired. Now author, designer, and jewelry-making instructor Sherri Haab has updated her classic book to include the most current and user-friendly information on this revolutionary material, including: ¬ ¬ ¬ "¬ the new bronze and copper clays, with must-have instructions for successful firing ¬ ¬ ¬ "¬ up-to-date, detailed information on firing with stones ¬ ¬ ¬ "¬ an improved method for calculating accurate ring sizes ¬ ¬ ¬ "¬ two recently developed techniques for etching metal clay ¬ ¬ ¬ "¬ new techniques for adding color, including working with pigments and enamels ¬ ¬ ¬ "¬ all-new, inspiring galleries of work by prominent metal clay artists
The complete photo guide to jewelry making
[Tammy Powley].
Minneapolis, MN : Creative Pub. International, c2010.
This book is a comprehensive how-to book about all aspects of jewelry making. It serves as a reference and technique guide for .all the common methods and styles of jewelry: beaded jewelry, wire, crystals and gems, polymer clay, PMC. The organization provides easy access to information with step-by-step directions and 600 full-color photos for clear understanding. Easy projects allow the reader to try the techniques in each section. Galleries of jewelry by a various artists offer the reader examples and inspiration to pursue the hobby for themselves.
The workbench guide to jewelry techniques
Anastasia Young.
Loveland, Colo. : Interweave Press LLC, c2010.
This comprehensive and ambitious workshop reference for jewelers brings together a vast range of skills, techniques, and technical data into one volume. Offering detailed explanations and step-by-step photography to demonstrate procedures, this handbook includes a complete reference section featuring tool shapes, an index of gems, a glossary, standard sizes and measurements, conversion tables, and an extensive list of resources. Additionally, the manual offers a directory of tools and materials--including a key to identifying tools for a "beginner's kit"--a historical introduction to jewelry, and suggestions for photographing and promoting completed pieces. Remarkable cutting-edge pieces by jewelry makers and designers from around the world are used to illustrate the various processes involved in creating exceptional jewelry. Covering everything from traditional metalsmithing skills and using alternative materials, such as plastics and resin, to discussing issues involved with outsourcing work to specialist external suppliers, this is an indispensable and essential resource for both students and professionals.
Creating glamorous jewelry with Swarovski elements : classic Hollywood designs with crystal beads and stones
Jean Campbell.
Minneapolis, MN : Creative Pub. International, c2010.
Creating Glamorous Jewelry with Swarovski Elements presents a collection of modern reproductions of classic Hollywood glitz, worn by the dazzling starlets of the big screen, including Marlene Dietrich, Katherine Hepburn, and Marilyn Monroe. All 20 sparkling jewelry pieces are made with the internationally popular Swarovski products, including the newest items in their line of crystal beads and stones. Detailed instructions and illustrations take you step-by-step through the creation of each piece. Whether dressed up or dressed down, these statement pieces will be fun to wear and become stunning, heirloom-quality additions to your jewelry collection.
30-minute necklaces : 60 quick & creative projects for jewelers
Martha Le Van.
New York : Lark Crafts, c2010.
Last season we challenged our best designers to create a pair of earrings in 30 minutes flat, and the results were stunning. Now, these star contributors have produced a showcase of 60 pendants and necklaces that will flex jewelers' creativity, sharpen their skills, and produce spectacular, easy-to-make pieces. The innovative and stylish looks include everything from elegant gold, pearls, and sterling silver to nontraditional and repurposed materials. The noted contributors include: Joanna Gollberg o Peter Hoogeboom o Carlos Caballero Perez o Sara Westermark o Ingeborg Vandamme o and many more!

Accessorize yourself by making handmade jewelry. Basic jewelry making is fun and easy to learn. Once you have mastered the basics, you can make jewelry for yourself or as gifts for others. 

The two key elements needed for successful jewelry making are tools and inspiration.

You may already have some basic jewelry-making tools lying around your house. Tools like a needle-nosed pliers or a wire cutters may be in your household tool kit. The other two tools that are helpful are crimping and round-nosed pliers.

Inspiration can come from many sources. Choosing a color or looking at beads that are unique can be a way to find inspiration. 

Beads come in many different materials. Glass, metal and natural materials such as wood, stone, or shells are all possibilities. Combine beads of varied types for more interest.

Jewelry Trivia

Diamonds, the most enduring substance in nature, are put into engagement rings in hopes that the marriage would last forever.

Back in the day many movie stars wore their own jewels in their movies.

Porphyrophobia is fear of the color purple; so don't give amethyst jewelry gifts to someone who has this.

More trivia

The type of jewelry you decide to make will determine the other materials you need. For earrings, you will need head pins and ear wires.  For a necklace or bracelet, you will need beading wire, crimps and a clasp.

A piece of felt is handy for laying out the beads in a pattern before stringing them or putting them on head pins. Once you have decided on a pattern, you can begin to string the beads.

Jewelry making is a great way to express your creativity and display it for everyone to see: on yourself! 

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff