Rock-a-bye baby

New baby crying at 2am?  And again at 4am?  Waiting for your baby to fall asleep, but she won't?!  Think you'll never have another good night's sleep again? 

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The no-cry nap solution : guaranteed gentle ways to solve all your naptime problems
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A variety of solutions exist to this perennial parenting issue.  Choose the one that works the best for you and your baby.  Or, combine the best of several methods to meet the needs of your family.

Here are a few child sleep methods to consider:

  • One method for getting your child back to sleep is called the Ferber method. Parents adopting this method let the child 'Cry It Out', while still being supportive and loving. This method takes its name from Dr. Richard Ferber, a Boston peditrician.  He recommends this procedure, but cautions parents that it will not work for all children. 
  • Attachment parenting provides parents a child-centered approach without using the cry-it-out technique.
  • Co-sleeping, rocking and nursing and other forms of physical closeness are used instead.
  • Parents who want a no-cry solution that isn't as physically demanding as attachment parenting have other solutions.  Try picking baby up when she cries and then putting her back down.  Or, keep sleep logs to help set up the best sleep schedule for your baby.  Both techniques have long been used successfully by parents and advocated by various parent educators and health professionals. 

Safe Sleep Tips

Lay baby on back or side
Use baby monitor
Keep baby away from curtain/blind pull cords
Follow federal crib safety regulations

More tips

Throughout the ages, parents have found different solutions to meet their needs and fit with their parenting styles.  Establishing a bed-time routine and learning the ways a your new baby can be a challenge, but eventually everyone will get to sleep!




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Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff