Career development

What do you do? is a familiar question to most people.  We are often identified with our work.  If our job or career is fulfilling, we feel successful.  If not, we are among the many who are not happy in their position.  What to do?

Perfect phrases for setting performance goals : hundreds of ready-to-use phrases for communicating any performance plan or review
Robert Bacal and Douglas Max.
New York, N.Y. : McGraw-Hill, c2011.
THE RIGHT PHRASE FOR EVERY SITUATION . . . EVERY TIMEReal success is about the future, not the past. As a supervisor, you'll be most effective if you concentrate on setting goals for your employees, rather than assessing past events and behaviors.This completely revised and updated second edition ofPerfect Phrases for Setting Performance Goalsprovides hundreds of precisely worded performance goals you can put to use in virtually any situation. This handy,quick-reference guide provides effective language for: Focusing your people on the most important parts of their jobs Communicating your expectations Aligning employee goals with organizational priorities Improving productivity and morale in the workplace Reducing disagreements during performance reviews
The 9-to-5 cure : work on your own terms and reinvent your life
Kristin Cardinale.
Indianapolis, IN : JIST Works, c2011.
Do you dream about having the kind of career that lets you set your own schedule, work where you want, and pick and choose your projects? This inspiring guide makes those dreams a reality!
Hired! : how to use sales techniques to sell yourself on interviews
by Elinor Stutz.
Pompton Plains, NJ : Career Press, c2011.
In today's tough economy, most people are too desperate to get any job, rather than seeking one that will provide the career satisfaction and growth they deserve. Worse, they treat the interview as an opportunity to focus on themselves. InHired!, Elinor Stutz asserts, “The interview is not about you, it's about how well you will solve the company's problems. This is the only way you will get a job you actually enjoy!” Hired!is a must-read if you want to learn how to: Achieve the right mindset for successful interviewing Conduct specific research prior to the interview The leadership skills required for advancing a two-way interview Specific questions you must ask on the interview Strategies for negotiation Steer conversation to learn what the company is seeking. Most importantly, selling strategies designed to get you hired!

An economic crisis may be an opportunity to re-examine your career path and find ways to enhance your skills and abilities to become a more valuable employee.  There is always a need to retrain in new trends and technology. Even as workers are being laid off, others are advancing or moving into new positions. 

Knowledge is power, is an old adage and knowing ourselves is the foundation for being successful in our work.  If you want to improve your chances for personal and professional success at this stage of your career, you might identify several areas:  1) What is satisfying about your present career?  2) What keeps you from improving or advancing?  3) What is in your control to improve or change?   4) What must you do to make these changes?

Improve your skills without cost

Training CDs and videos.

Career improvement programs on the Internet.

Meetings of local associations in your field.

Local job training centers .

You might want a less demanding or less stressful job, or possibly a more challenging line of work.  Perhaps time commitments or finances are major considerations.  It may be time for a lateral move in your company.  Or, even time for a whole new career.

A career switch might involve changing from working for someone else to owning your own business at home. Exercises helping the decision to stay in the same field or to try something completely new.  Your rewritten resume might lead to a re-examination of how you view your abilities and skills.

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff