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Job hunting is hard work. Success takes time, effort, and the ability to get the best, most timely, information. Local job seekers have a partner in their efforts--St. Louis Public Library. The Library is here to assist with proven ideas and reliable, up-to-date recommendations.

Find a job through social networking : use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and more to advance your career
Diane Crompton And Ellen Sautter.
Indianapolis, IN : JIST Works, c2011.
This book helps individuals maximize online networking for job search and career success by showing them where, how, and why they can benefit from making professional connections online.
The Twitter job search guide : find a job and advance your career in just 15 minutes a day
Susan Britton Whitcomb, Chandlee Bryan, Deb Dib.
Indianapolis, IN : JIST Works, c2010.
Includes index.
How to find a job on LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other social networks
Brad and Debra Schepp.
New York : McGraw-Hill, c2010.
Taking readers step by step through the processes of marketing themselves on social networking sites, this career guide shows them how to build contacts, find new leads, and fully exploit all the major online job-hunting tools available.

Job websites promise to match job seekers with available listings. Some focus on local positions; others allow you to define geographic areas. A number cater to certain industries. With so many websites available, choosing the quality ones is an important step.

Browse through the Library recommended job websites listed on the left sidebar. Find those that best meet your needs. To get the most relevant job listings, take time to learn the best search strategies on the sites. Don't overlook their valuable tips on skills development. Job seekers can get support and career transition assistance at Career One Stop and GovBenefits.

Job seekers need a well-written resume geared to the applicant's situation and desired occupation. Books and websites provide samples for you to personalize into your own powerful, professional resume. Staff is available to help or checkout Resume Help. Use computers at the Library to create your own resume.

Library computers also can be used to fill out online job applications. Before you start this process, be sure you are prepared. Do you have an email address? Potential employers may not allow the application to be completed unless you can provide an email address. Have your resume ready. You may need to attach it as part of the application process. If you don't, a paper copy of your resume makes it easy to answer questions about dates and titles.

Not comfortable using a computer? Take a library class. If you need help with keyboarding skills use the computers to visit Typing Test or use the Library's Mavis Beacon program.

An interview is the opportunity to prove you are the best person for the position. Being well informed about a prospective employer can put you ahead of others interviewing for the same position. Library databases such as RefUSA and Sorkins provide you with information not easily found on the Web. They provide current information about a employers or industries. Your St. Louis Public Library card offers free access to these, and many more, resources. Use it to get the edge in the interview.

St. Louis Public Library looks forward to working closely with you as you focus on landing that new job.

Get hired in a tough market : insider secrets to find and land the job you need now
Alan De Back.
New York : McGraw-Hill, c2010.
You Only Have One Minute to Sell Yourself The most important element in your job search is to learn to market yourself success fully. Using the one-minute commercial featured in Get Hired in a Tough Market, You'll learn how to put together an effective, concise, and customizable presentation that gives potential employers all the reasons they need to hire you.
Seven days to online networking : make connections to advance your career and business quickly
Ellen Sautter and Diane Crompton.
Indianapolis, IN : JIST Works, c2008.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
No one will hire me! : avoid 17 mistakes and win the job
Ron Krannich and Caryl Krannich.
Manassas Park, VA. : Impact Pub., c2007.
Job seekers make numerous mistakes that frequently result in self-fulfilling prophecies. This book identifies 17 key mistakes job seekers make, from failing to articulate goals and knowing one's worth to improperly using Internet resources, looking for jobs in the wrong places, and prematurely accepting a job offer. Each chapter identifies a major mistake and then offers analyses, self-tests, exercises, and resources for avoiding the error in the future.
The guide to job searching : tools and tactics to help you get the job you want
Alison Doyle.
Avon, Mass : Adams Media, c2006.
From writing a good resume and locating the best search engines to what to do during an interview, this handbook gives job seekers all they need to land the career of their dreams.
Your next move : success strategies for midcareer professionals
Dan Finnigan and Marc Karasu.
New York : Sterling Pub., c2006.
Sometimes a professional just knows it's time to move on-preferably to bigger and better things. The experts at "Yahoo! HotJobs "are here to help, with tips from top business leaders, recruiter cheat sheets, and advice for future success. Plus, this unique guide contains advice on finding that new job, updating a resume, interviewing, and negotiating a higher salary.

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff