Performance appraisals

Once per year employees should review the effectiveness of their work with their employer. An annual performance appraisal provides the employee the opportunity to get ideas for improving work habits and productivity. This meeting should be a time of two-way communication and an information sharing process.

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Performance appraisals should be a neutral meeting of minds. Emotions and subjectivity should not be a part of the performance appraisal process. Discussion focuses on tasks and deadlines met since the last appraisal.

Throughout the year, both the employee and emplorer should keep detailed nots of projects completed. For example:

Interviewed 500 customers and fixed 95% of their complaints within two days. Created five new brochures related to customer needs. Answered 5,000 phone questions and 3,000 email questions since January 1.

Some methods of performance appraisal

360 degree appraisal - feedback that comes from all around, subordinates, peers, and managers, as well as self-assessment.

Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale (BARS) - scale points ranging from five to nine, with specific narrative examples

more methods

Weighting of each task assigned to the employee helps both the employee and the employer calculate the increase or decrease in work efficiency. This information should be retained throughout the year, until the annual performance appraisal is done.

Employee must be ready to accept constructive criticism during the appraisal process. When an employee needs improvement, an employer should offer ways that their employee can improve. Suggestion could include training courses, assigning a mentor, or offering reading materials.

The successsful performance appraisal process does not happen overnight. Instead, it is the road to improving employee performance, as well as communication between employee and employer. With short-term and long-term goals, employees can become stars in an organization and employers better managers.

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