Vegan lifestyle
The urban vegan : 250 simple, sumptuous recipes, from street cart favorites to haute cuisine
Dynise Balcavage.
Guilford, CT : Three Forks Press, c2010.
Sampling ruby-red organic berries at a farmers' market. Comparing thirty varieties of rice noodles in a Vietnamese food store. Ordering "good & greasy" vegetarian rotis from a street cart. This is the life of the urban vegan, and author Dynise Balcavage brings this cuisine to life in The Urban Vegan. Designed to help vegans - and all readers - find inspiration for a healthy, varied, and delicious diet in each city market, restaurant, and corner store that they visit, this book presents 250 delicious, and even decadent, original vegan recipes inspired by the colorful culinary landscapes of urban areas. Accompanying the recipes are shortcuts, entertaining ideas, and menu themes that will please even omnivores; an overview of the vegan pantry; and helpful icons that alert readers to low-fat, raw, gluten- free, fast, "omnivore-friendly," and frugal recipes at a glance.
Vegan cookies invade your cookie jar : 100 dairy-free recipes for everyone's favorite treats
Terry Hope Romero & Isa Chandra Moskowitz.
Cambridge, Mass. : Da Capo Lifelong ; London : Perseus Running [distributor], 2009.
Going vegan doesn't mean giving up dessert. In this revolutionary cookbook, Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero's vegan world-domination mission continues with dairy-free, egg-free batches of everyone's favorite treat--cookies! From classic favorites to fancy delights, Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar features 100 original recipes alongside beautiful color photographs. Chapters include drop cookies, biscotti and bars, pipe-out cookies, copycat cookies (veganized versions of name-brands), frostings and fillings, and more. The book is armed with the authors' signature advice on baking, decorating, even choosing which cookies to eat for dinner. When vegan cookies are invading your cookie jar, resistance is futile. The lineup includes: Classy Classic Chocolate Chip; City Girl Snickerdoodles; Key Lime Shortbread; Butterscotch Blondies; Gingerpunks; Noreos; Nuttin; Butterfingers; Pecan Dandies; Black & Whites; Cranberry-Walnut Thumbprints; Stained Glass Candy Cookies; Pumpkin Pie Brownies.
The kind diet : a simple guide to feeling great, losing weight, and saving the planet
Alicia Silverstone ; photographs by Victoria Pearson.
[New York] : Rodale : Distributed to the trade by Macmillan, c2009.
In The Kind Diet, actress, activist, and committed conservationist Alicia Silverstone shares the insights that encouraged her to swear off meat and dairy forever, and outlines the spectacular benefits of adopting a plant-based diet, from effortless weight loss to clear skin, off-the-chart energy, and smooth digestion. She explains how meat, fish, milk, and cheese - the very foods we've been taught to regard as the cornerstone of good nutrition - are actually the culprits behind escalating rates of disease and the cause of dire, potentially permanent damage to our ecology. Yet going meat- and dairy-free doesn't mean suffering deprivation; to the contrary, The Kind Diet introduces irresistibly delicious food that satisfies on every level - it even includes amazing desserts to keep the most stubborn sweet tooth happy. Alicia also addresses the nutritional concerns faced by many who are new to a plant-based diet, and shows how to cover every nutritional base, from protein to calcium and beyond. Alicia knows that changing life-long dietary habits is a process, and that each person progresses at a different pace. For that reason, The Kind Diet encompasses 3 separate levels, from Flirting to Superhero. Flirts learn to dip a toe into the vegan pool, reducing their meat-eating and swapping out a few key foods for plant-based substitutes to see quickly how even small changes can reap big results. Vegans get to experience the life-altering effects of forgoing animal-products entirely, while still enjoying many convenience foods and meat substitutes in addition to the wonderful grains, vegetables and fruits that form the core of that diet. True enlightenment comes with the Superhero program, based on the principles of macrobiotics and built on a foundation of whole grains, vegetables, and other yummy foods that Alicia describes in detail. Whether your goal is to drop a few pounds, boost your energy and metabolism, or simply save the world, Alicia provides the encouragement, the information, and the tools you need to make the transition to a plant-based diet deliciously empowering.
PETA's vegan college cookbook : 275 easy, cheap, and delicious recipes to keep you vegan at school
by PETA, with Starza Kolman and Marta Holmberg.
Naperville, Ill. : Sourcebooks, Inc., 2009.
Who needs the cafeteria? Make your own easy, delicious, animal-free meals! Let PETA turn your dorm room or apartment into the campus destination for amazing vegan food! Inside are the 250 simplest, most scrumptious recipes for college vegans on a budget - and the best part is, the most complicated kitchenware you'll ever need is a microwave. With vegan recipes collected from PETA's nearly 2 million members, we've got all the best insider info: Vegan alternatives to meaty, eggy, and milky stuff How to stock your kitchen/mini-fridge How to made meat-free sandwiches, salads, soups and stews Breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes The best drinks, dips, sauces, and dressings Unbelievable vegan dessert recipes Spotlight sections on the staples we love: peanut butter, potatoes and Ramen Featuring a forward from PETA president Ingrid E. Newkirk, this is the essential college cookbook for every vegetarian or vegan on a budget. PRAISE FOR PETA'S VEGAN COLLEGE COOKBOOK: "PETA's Vegan College Cookbook makes me want to go back to school and earn a degree in yum." Hunter Burgan, AFI and Hunter Revenge "I live on a tour bus so if it can't be made in the microwave or eaten right from the refrigerator or pantry, then I don't eat it. PETA's Vegan College Cookbook is perfect for me and my lifestyle." Kellie Pickler, country music star and former American Idol contestant A lifelong vegetarian saves around: 760 chickens 5 cows 20 pigs 29 sheep 46 turkeys 15 ducks 7 rabbits and half a ton of fish.

Veganism is a way of life that seeks to abstain from the use of animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose. It practices living on the products of the plant kingdom and to do the least harm and the most good.

Vegan diets are a subset of vegetarian diets, which are credited with lowering the risk of colon cancer, heart attack, high cholesterol to name a few. Many believe a vegan diet that includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes, can be healthful for people of all ages and supply you with the nutritional needs in every stage of life.

  • Dark leafy vegetables, like kale, can provide you with a source of calcium and iron.
  • Your body can build proteins from the amino acids in vegetables, grains and legumes and make Vitamin D with regular exposure to sunlight.
  • Foods high in vitamin C like tomatoes, potatoes or green peppers help your body absorb iron from other foods.
  • A whole grain food like wheat germ is a rich source of zinc.
  • Some foods are fortified with nutrients like orange juice with calcium.

Vegans avoid all forms of mistreatment to animals in that they do not hunt or fish and dislike the confinement in entertainment such as zoos, circuses, rodeos or races.

(Going Vegan)

In today’s grocery store, there are plenty of "vegan" products on the shelves. Soymilk and vegan cheeses are some dairy substitutes. And meat alternatives include veggie burgers and dogs.

Veganist : lose weight, get healthy, change the world
Kathy Freston.
New York : Weinstein Books, c2011.
Ve*gan*ist (vee guhn ist) n.
Color me vegan : maximize your nutrient intake and optimize your health by eating antioxidant-rich, fiber-packed, color-intense meals that taste great
Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.
Beverly, MA : Fair Winds Press, 2010.
In Color Me Vegan , author and vegan extraordinaire Colleen Patrick-Goudreau brings an edible rainbow of plant-based cuisine to your kitchen table with 150 flavorful recipes designed to boost your health and perk up your palate.    With color as the guiding principle behind each section, Colleen shows vegetarians, vegans, and everyone in between exactly how phytonutrients-the most powerful, pigmented antioxidants on earth, found in everything from select fruits and vegetables, to grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds-can be expertly incorporated into your meals for the greatest nutritional punch. From the “Color Me Blue” chapter, for example, you’ll be treated to recipes such as: Radicchio Fennel Salad with Caper Dressing Chilled Blueberry Mango Soup Lavender-Roasted Purple Onions Eggplant with Dengaku (Sweet Miso) Sauce Purple Plum Pie with Crumble Topping   From sensational starters and salads, to filling mains and sides, to crave-worthy desserts- in every color -each recipe is not just a feast for your stomach, but a feast for your eyes as well! Check out more about the book at . 
The vegan girl's guide to life : cruelty-free crafts, recipes, beauty secrets, and more
by Melisser Elliott.
New York, NY : Skyhorse Pub., c2010.
Vegan women everywhere are banding together in their effortsto be healthy, cruelty free, and environmentally responsible.This is their handbook. Melisser (known to most as #x1C;The UrbanHousewife#x1D;) presents the basics of veganism for the newbies, lotsof DIY craft projects, cruelty-free beauty tips, travel advice, recipes,and more.

This book is not just for vegan girls-it#x19;s also for anyone who#x19;s interestedin a cruelty-free lifestyle. Discover the best beauty products,fun vacation spots, plus an assortment of recipes including Jackfruit#x1C;Carnitas#x1D; Tacos, Twice Baked Chipotle Sweet Potatoes, CurriedRed Lentil Veggie Burgers, Chipotle Hominy Stew, and DoubleChocolate Cookies. Learn how to make recycled cake stands, finda cross-stitch pattern by Stitch#x19;d Ink, and find out about naturalbeauty and cleaning products. Reading like a Who#x19;s Who of veganwomen, contributions of recipes and craft projects will be providedby some of the most respected vegan chefs and bloggers in theworld (Isa Chandra Moskowitz, Hannah Kaminsky, Celine Steen,Julie Hasson, Kittee Berns, Kelly Peloza, and more).

Full of photos and quirky illustrations, this is useful informationwith a punk rock attitude.
By any greens necessary : a revolutionary guide for black women who want to eat great, get healthy, lose weight, and look phat
Tracye Lynn McQuirter.
Chicago : Lawrence Hill Books, 2010.
The first vegan food guide for African American women
Vegan freak : being vegan in a non-vegan world : version 2.0, revised, expanded, and updated
Bob Torres, Jenna Torres.
Oakland, Calif. : PM ; London : Turnaround [distributor], c2010.
In this informative and practical guide, two seasoned vegansnbsp;offer tips and advice for thriving without animal by-products. Sometimes funny and irreverent yet always aware of its serious message, this resource for being vegan in a world that doesn’t always understand or have sympathy for the lifestyle illustrates how to go vegan in three weeks or less by employing a “cold tofu method;” convince family, friends, and others that there is no such thing as a vegan cult; and survive restaurants, grocery stores, and meals with omnivores. Also offering answers to questionsnbsp;such asnbsp;“Do you, like, live on apples and twigs?” this reference dispels myths and explains the arguments for ethical, abolitionist veganism, encouraging everyone to embrace their inner vegan.

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