Handy household hints
Joey Green's fix-it magic : more than 1,971 quick-and-easy household solutions using brand-name products
Joey Green.
New York : Rodale, 2008.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 381-383) and index.
Joey Green's mealtime magic : more than 250 offbeat recipes using beloved brand-name products
Joey Green.
New York : Rodale : Distributed to the book trade by Holtzbrinck Publishers, c2007.
In Joey Green's Mealtime Magic, learn how you can transform a lunch box staple like Campbell's[Registered] soup into a divine chicken dinner or a scrumptious layer cake. Impress dinner guests by using Jif[Registered] peanut butter to cook up a sizzling Thai peanut burger. Discover an ingenious recipe that features Coca-Cola[Registered] as the magic ingredient to create the perfect brisket.
Contrary to popular belief : more than 250 false facts revealed
Joey Green.
New York : Broadway Books, 2005.
What exactly is a "false fact"? It's a bit of knowledge that the world at large is absolutely, positively convinced to be true--"conventional wisdom, if you will--but isn't. In this fun book, which readers will want to dip into again and again, bestselling author Joey Green unburdens the world of all kinds of misinformation with the truth about history, entertainment, science, religion, and more. His revelations range from perplexing (strawberries are not berries) to practical (you have the right to make more than one phone call), but all of the 250 debunked facts collected here are fascinating. Facts he reveals--and explains in lighthearted but irrefutable fashion--include: - George Washington was not the first president of the United States.- Leap year does not occur every four years.- The ostrich does not bury its head in the sand.- Thomas Edison did not invent the lightbulb.- Ship's captains cannot perform marriages at sea.- Sound does not travel at the speed of sound.- Monica Lewinsky did not perform oral sex in the Oval Office.- The needle of a compass does not point to the North Pole.- Leonardo da Vinci did not paint the "Mona Lisa. With these and hundreds of other entertaining facts, "Contrary to Popular Belief helps readers everywhere master their cocktail party banter.
Joey Green's supermarket spa : hundreds of easy ways to pamper yourself using brand-name products you've already got around the house
Joey Green.
Gloucester, Mass. : Fair Winds Press, 2005.
Discover hundreds of new ways to use products you'll find around the house to turn your home into a spa. These inventive and inexpensive ideas really work, giving you everything you need to enjoy the same therapeutic treatments offered by five-star resorts-without the five-star price tag. You'll love this treasure trove of ingenious and invigorating tips.

Alternative uses for everyday household products can save you money. You won't hav to purchase many products when one will do the trick. And, you can help the environment by using items in ways other than what they were originally intended.

For instance there are many uses for toothpaste other than keeping your teeth white. When watching a DVD that starts skipping scenes, polish it with a dab of toothpaste to smooth away tiny scratches. When moving out of a rented apartment, fill in those small holes with this instant spackle.

Crayons come in most colors of the rainbow. They can hide nicks in furniture and your car. Find the matching color and rub the scratch working the wax into the nick. Patch up a leaky vase by letting the melting wax drip into the crack.

WD-40 can be found in 4 out of 5 households. Its uses range in from removing grease to quieting a doorway.

More uses

Whether you use it for school or crafts, liquid white glue can remove a splinter when tweezers won't do. Spread a drop of glue on the area. After the glue dries, peel away the splinter. Or, prevent a pair of broken shoelaces from fraying by dipping the ends in glue.

Credit cards that have reached their limit can become a scraper. It's soft, pliable and won't harm most surfaces. Keep it handy to scrape frost off the windshield, peeling paint off the wall or wax off a table. After all that scraping you can relax with friends, when you cut the corner off to use as a guitar pick, and strum the night away.

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