Grandparents' love
An exclusive love
Johanna Adorján ; translated by Anthea Bell.
New York : W.W. Norton & Co., 2011.
In this first American edition, Adorján (a writer/editor residing in Berlin) reconstructs a memoir of her grandparents, Hungarian Jews who survived the Holocaust and Hungarian uprising, and committed suicide together in Copenhagen in 1991. The book concludes with notes on the police file on the case. Originally published in German in 2009; the first English edition was published in Australia in 2010. Annotation ©2011 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (
Making toast : a family story
by Roger Rosenblatt.
New York : Ecco, c2010.
Though still reeling from their daughter's untimely death, Rosenblatt and his wife, Ginny, carry on, reconstructing a family, sustaining one another, and guiding three lively, alert, and tender-hearted grandchildren through the pains and confusions of grief.
The granny-nanny : a guide for parents & grandparents who share child care
by Lee Edwards Benning.
Cleveland, OH : Cleveland Clinic Press, 2006.
In the coming year, nearly a quarter of all grandparents will experience the joys and tribulations of daily child care. Author Lee Edwards Benning, a real-life, full-time granny-nanny, has written the definitive guide for grandparents who care for their grandchildren of any age while their parents work. The Granny-Nanny can save you, or someone you know and love, heartaches, arguments, even lives. Book jacket.
52 ELF* activities to make you the best grandparent! : easy, low cost, and fun once-a-week activities & ideas to connect with your grandkids
David Brisco and Naomi Young Brisco.
Newport Beach, CA : 52 ELF Press, c2006.
52 ELF* Activities to Make You the Best Grandparent presents one-per-week ELF (Easy, Low-cost, and Fun) activities to share with grandkids. Activities are succinct, with one activity per page, plus an estimate of the time and money required. The target market is the 80 million grandparents in the U.S., and it is a terrific and inexpensive gift book. 52 ELF Activities also includes lots of quips, humor, cartoons, and sage advice that any senior will find useful and amusing, and many of the activities work for distance grandparenting as well. There is a planner at the back of the book for scheduling ELF activities. 52 ELF Activities to Make You the Best Grandparent is an application of the ELF concept, Easy to use, Low-cost, and Fun.
Grandparents' rights : your legal guide to protecting the relationship with your grandchildren
Traci Truly.
Naperville, Ill. : Sphinx Pub., 2005.
If you are having trouble seeing your grandchildren, or have a grandchild who is being neglected or abused, the answers to your problems may be in this book. This book is designed to let grandparents know their legal rights, and to help them take their case through the court system.
Los abuelos : su importancia en la familia
Mariano González Ramírez.
[Madrid] : Edimat Libros, [2002?]
Los padres con frecuencia no saben que hacer cuando experimentan problemas y conflictos con sus hijos. Esta serie guiare a los padres y les mostrare formas correctas de comunicarse y tratar con los desafios de la paternidad. Ya sea que el problema sea grande o peque~o, los padres podren consultar las series por soluciones y consejos que necesiten para hacer la paternidad un poco mes manejable mientras mantienen una relacion afectiva con sus hijos.
Chicken soup for the grandparent's soul : stories to open the heart and rekindle the spirits of grandparents
[compiled by] Jack Canfield ... [et al.].
Deerfield Beach, Fla. : Health Communications, c2002.
Today's grandparents aren't content to sit in their rockers doing needlepoint or whittling wood-modern grandparents are healthy and active. Grandma may be traveling the world, writing a book or taking dance lessons and Grandpa might be camping with the grandkids, playing a golf tournament or skydiving! Nana may have entered the family by marrying Grampa later in life, or Pop-Pop may be a beloved family friend who's always there when someone needs him. Families are finding that the meaning of "grandparent" has changed tremendously but that grandparents continue to be treasured members of our families. In this latest addition to the Chicken Soup family, children and grandchildren will relive memories of their parents and grandparents as they read stories of love, humor and wisdom. Each touching tale will inspire them to make the most of the time they still have together and encourage them to seek deeper experiences. Grandparents will learn the value of their contributions to and realize what an honored position they hold within their circle of loved ones. Every reader will gain a new appreciation of the benefits of a close and connected family. This is a perfect gift to show grandparents how much they are loved.
Grandparents' rights : with forms
Traci Truly.
Naperville, IL : Sphinx Pub., 2001.
This book addresses the rights of grandparents, a growing segment of the population. Divorced and deceased parents are also addressed here in relation to grandparent's right. Easy-to-use, blank tear-out forms are included.

Your own child tells you that they are going to become parents. You celebrate the joy of the moment. Then you realize you're going to become a grandparent: how exciting!

A range of emotions overcome you: from expectation and fulfillment to concern and uncertainty. This life-changing event will start a new generation.

Envision the memory of your own grandparents; the can't wait to eat smells coming from the kitchen, the all is well everlasting hug, or little presents when it wasn't even your birthday. And now it's going to be your turn to create those special memories between you and your grandchild.

Whether you live in the same community or across the country, your own child will still need your support and help. Grandparents are very influential. There are many different ways to be involved in your grandchildren’s lives:

  • Spend one-on-one time with them
  • Listen to their dreams
  • Share your stories with about their own parents and family history
  • Show your grandchildren that you accept them just the way they are

No cowboy was ever faster on the draw than a grandparent pulling a baby picture out of a wallet. ~ Author Unknown

Grandparent quotes

Once you hold that bundle of joy in your arms you will know the feeling that other grandparents have talked about, the one that you cannot feel unless you have experienced it yourself.

You can't adore, spoil or love your grandchild too much. And at the end of the day, when you have had enough they go back home to their own parents until the next get together.

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff