Weddings on a budget
Budget weddings for dummies
by Meg Schneider.
Hoboken, N.J. : For Dummies ; Chichester : John Wiley [distributor], 2009.
Planning your wedding day should pull at your heartstrings-not your purse strings! If you're a bride-or groom-to-be who doesn't want your "something borrowed" to be huge debt, turn to Budget Weddings For Dummies for trusted, practical advice on planning the wedding of your dreams-without breaking the bank!
Your beautiful wedding on any budget
Todd Outcalt.
Naperville, Ill. : Sourcebooks Casablanca, c2009.
Start Your Marriage with Money in the Bank, not Bills in the Mail. In a world where the average wedding costs around $30,000, a realistic plan for a dream wedding no matter what your budget. Many couples are unnecessarily going deeply into debt to pay for their own weddings. Pastor Todd Outcalt has counseled hundreds of couples on how to avoid this strain on a new marriage, and now he's bringing his message to brides and grooms everywhere. With costs rising, the economy faltering, and the future uncertain, Outcalt provides an overall plan for cost-saving and dream-building. Unlike other books, Your Beautiful Wedding on Any Budget creates a plan tailored to your financial reality, not a specific dollar amount. It offers the most flexibility, showing: How to prioritize what's important so you know where to spend $$$ and where to spend $ Planning strategies for realistic costs of each component How to use the internet to save money Couples can now plan the wedding of their dreams, and go on their honeymoon knowing that every expense is paid for! Learn How To: Determine what kind of unique day you can afford: Design your own plan using sample budgets as a guide Have an elegant wedding without the high costs Host a large wedding on a small income Increase the funds for your wedding and spend that cash smartly Cut wedding costs easily and painlessly Prioritize what's important to you so you know where to splurge and where to save Work with parents and others who have a say in wedding money matters Create a debt-free wedding if you're already in debt Your Beautiful Wedding on Any Budget reveals how to craft a debt-free big day, giving you the techniques and strategies to help you enter into marriage with a bigger wallet and lower stress level. Rather than focusing on a certain dollar amount, Your Beautiful Wedding on Any Budget allows you to design a plan tailored to your financial reality, whatever that may be.
Eco-chic weddings : simple tips to plan an environmentally friendly, socially responsible, affordable, and stylish celebration
Emily Elizabeth Anderson.
New York : Hatherleigh Press, c2007.
Planning your wedding can be the best time to be eco-friendly. The wedding industry has a huge impact on the global economy and the environment, as wedding parties spend over $125 billion a year in the U.S. alone, Eco'Chic Weddings presents the quick, simple, and easy-to-follow tips you need to make your wedding socially responsible. This indispensable guide gives you the choice, comfort, and chance to share your own unique style for a truly memorable wedding.
Tie the knot on a shoestring
Leah Ingram.
New York, N.Y. : Alpha Books, c2007.
"Advice on how to have a dream weddingat a fraction of the cost" The average cost of a wedding in the United States is now nearly $30,000, but most couples would prefer to have what others are having, but not at the price others are paying. "Tie the Knot on a Shoestring" shows couples how to budget a wedding and enables them to have the wedding they desire while bringing down the costs. This engaging guide includes: --Advice on how to keep the cost of a wedding down without going cheap --Ways to save money on attire, from the bridal gown and grooms garments to the attendants --Tasteful tips on how to save on the ceremonial site, the reception, flowers, decorations, music, entertainment, photography and video, and even the honeymoon --Ways to save money by having a destination wedding instead of a wedding where you live

With the average American wedding costing $25,000 and with a multitude of vendors participating in the event, people are apprehensive about the expense and complexity of a wedding. However, there are ways to make a memorable day that don’t involve a lot of money or planning time.

Envision a simple and eloquent event.  A wedding that is meaningful will be a day that everyone remembers. Emphasizing the purpose of the day, the union of two people, allows low cost options to fall into place. Pare the guest list down to only those friends and family who truly wish to celebrate with the bride and groom. Choose simple options for a reception--that’s not the main event! Fellowship and celebration can take place in any surroundings. And remember that “simple” can be elegant and even stylish. 

Probably the biggest expense of a wedding celebration is a formal dinner for all guests. Classy alternatives that are less expensive are:

  • Champagne and cake reception
  • Brunch buffet
  • Sandwiches and salads, prepared by family members

Many items drive up the cost and complexity of events. Question the need for everything. Do you need these in your wedding planning?

Favors--guests won’t notice!
Flowers--do all family members need 
Attendants—save on clothing costs, gifts, photography, planning complexity
Hard liquor or open bar—unnecessary expense
Hired limousines—ask a family friend to chauffer for the day

At the end of the day, the bride and groom will be married despite which hall was hired and what food was served. Ask the bride: what does it take for you to feel married? Her budget should expand for that single splurge. Same for the groom.

Details that aren’t important to the overall success of a meaningful event need not be included. Focus planning on joy, love, and fellowship, all of which cost nothing.

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff