Annuities: Are they for you?

In the financial world, an annuity (specifically a commercial annuity) is a contract between an individual and an insurance company. In return, income will be be paid at some future date or dates to that individual.

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The source of the advice about an annuity should be reliable. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission offers information about annuities.The Consumer Insurance Hotline, 1-800-726-7930 can provide information about a company’s credit rating. The Missouri state insurance office lists companies licensed in Missouri.

The fees, terms, and conditions of the annuity should be studied and understood fully.  All rate quotes should be provided in writing.  A prospectus will disclose the charges associated with the annuity. Comparing contracts from several different companies may be difficult because of the variations among the features of each company and the types of annuities.

A new type of annuity is called a Longevity Policy. A person pays a one time premium of a large amount and at an older age, usually 80 to 85, begins to receive annual payments.

It can contain add-on options that will reduce the benefit including inflation protection, a death benefit for heirs, cash withdrawal, and nursing home care.

A single premium is a one time payment, while a multiple premium requires a number of payments over a given time period. An immediate annuity begins to pay out income soon after paying the premium. A deferred annuity does not begin paying until a specified later date and defers payment of taxes until gains are paid out.

A fixed annuity will provide a guaranteed rate of income either for a fixed amount of time or until death. A variable annuity provides a return that can fluctuate because it is invested in such things as stocks, bonds, or other investments. A fixed-indexed annuity is a combination of the fixed and the variable annuity; its return is linked to a particular financial market such as a treasury bill rate or the S&P 500. There is a guaranteed minimum return, plus a varying higher return if the indexed instrument increases.

As more Americans age and look for investments to protect their money, they look for guaranteed sources of income. From this perspective, annuities could be part of someone’s overall financial portfolio and goals. The amount one receives can depend upon the amount of money one invests, one’s age and life expectancy, and the kinds of risks one is willing to take.

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff