Delicious stir-fry
Stir-frying to the sky's edge : the ultimate guide to mastery, with authentic recipes and stories
Grace Young ; photographs by Steven Mark Needham.
New York : Simon & Schuster, 2010.
The stir-fry is all things: refined, improvisational, adaptable, and inventive. It is the rare culinary practice that makes less seem like more, and by which small amounts of food feed many. For centuries the Chinese have carried their woks to all corners of the earth and re-created stir-fry dishes, using local and sometimes nontraditional ingredients. The old expression: "One wok runs to the sky's edge" means "one who uses the wok becomes master of the cooking world." And as the wok user becomes master of the cooking world, so does he become master of the stir-fry, one of the greatest techniques of Chinese cookery. The technique and tradition of stir-frying, which is at once simple yet subtly complex, is as vital today as it has been for hundreds of years. In Stir-Frying to the Sky's Edge, award-winning author Grace Young shares more than 100 classic stir-fry recipes that sizzle with heat and pop with flavor, from the great Cantonese stir-fry masters to the culinary customs of Sichuan, Hunan, Shanghai, Beijing, Fujian, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia, as well as other countries around the world. With more than 80 stunning full-color photographs, Young's definitive work illustrates the innumerable, easy-to-learn possibilities the technique offers--dry stir-fries, moist stir-fries, clear stir-fries, velvet stir-fries--and weaves the insights of Chinese cooking philosophy into the preparation of such beloved dishes as Kung Pao Chicken, Stir-Fried Beef and Broccoli, Chicken Lo Mein with Ginger Mushrooms, and Dry-Fried Sichuan Beans. In honoring the traditions of her cultural ancestors who traveled the globe, Young offers delectable crossover recipes for Chinese Jamaican Jerk Chicken Fried Rice, Chinese Trinidadian Stir-Fried Shrimp with Rum, Chinese Burmese Chili Chicken, and Chinese American Shrimp with Lobster Sauce. Expert home cooks and professional chefs teach you the foundations of stir-fry mastery in the modern kitchen--everything from how to choose, season, and care for a wok and the best skillet alternative; the importance of marinades and the proper technique for slicing meat and poultry for optimum tenderness; to how to select and handle Asian vegetables; ways to shortcut labor-intensive preparations; and tips on how to control heat and choose the best cooking oil. Fascinating personal portraits illustrate how stir-frying is not just a cooking technique but a vital element of China's rich culture. With this book, Grace Young has created the authoritative guide to stir-frying, a work that is at once rewarding and beautiful, much like the technique of stir-frying itself.
160 Chinese wok & stir-fry recipes : authentic stove-top cooking shown step-by-step with over 200 colour photographs
contributing editor, Jenni Fleetwood.
London : Southwater, c2008.
Includes index.
75 wok & stir-fry recipes
Jenni Fleetwood.
London : Southwater, 2007.
Inspired by its versatility, and the delicious flavours of China, India and South-East Asia, this irresistible book brings together a mouthwatering collection of 75 classic, famouse and popular dishes that are speedy and easy to make.
The complete book of asian stir-fries
Vicki Liley.
North Clarendon, Vt. : Periplus Editions, 2007.
Fresh and tasty, stir-fries are one of the healthiest ways to prepare food since they are low in fat and high in essential vitamins and minerals. The Complete Book of Asian Stir-Fries is the definitive collection of traditional, contemporary and innovative recipes for lovers of this healthy, delicious method of cooking. Stir-fries are quick and easy to prepare, and deliver tasty meals with little effort in next to no time. Using fresh, seasonal vegetables and tender meats, or simply making the most of leftovers, stir-fries provide healthy and delicious meals the whole family can enjoy. From Stir-fried Ginger Chicken to Soba Noodles with Bell Peppers, this beautifully photographed book will show you how to prepare, step-by-step, the ultimate satisfying stir-fry.
400 wok & stir-fry recipes
contributing editor: Jenni Fleetwood.
London : Lorenz, 2007.
Everything you could ever want to know about cooking with a wok in one sumptuous volume, with a comprehensive guide to getting the most from your wok and over 400 wok and stir-fry recipes.

Stir-frying brings out the vibrant flavor and texture of fresh vegetables. When combined with seasoned meat or other protein, stir-fry dishes are a tasty and health conscious way to prepare foods.

The key to effective stir-fry cooking is: have all ingredients ready to cook before you begin. Chop and slice all ingredients in uniform sizes. Have sauces mixed. Marinate meats before cooking.  

A wok is perfect for making stir-fry dishes but heavy skillets work in stir-fry cooking, too. Add a small amount of oil and let it get hot. Garlic, ginger, and any spices go in next. Meat follows—sear it quickly. Vegetables are last, with the slowest-to-cook items (like carrots) first. Keep the ingredients moving around the pan or transfer them to another plate when they are finished cooking.

Add sauce to the mixture, stir, and serve over rice or noodles. These simple and fast dishes are a great way to use small amounts of leftover fresh vegetables.

Oils in Your Wok

Good oil is an essential part of stir-fry cooking. Choose an oil with a high smoke temperature and a light taste. Peanut and canola oils are good ones for stir-fry.

Many western cooks use corn oil because it is easily available and inexpensive.

Sesame oil imparts a strong flavor and is recommended as a seasoning. It should not be used in the wok to fry foods.

Easy food combinations are:

  • Chicken with a lemon sauce or with ginger or garlic
  • Beef with peppercorns or red peppers
  • Pork with peanuts or cashews; pork cooked with mushrooms and spinach
  • Shrimp in a sweet and sour sauce or shrimp with hot peppers
  • Asparagus with garlic & sesame sauce
  • Carrots and lemongrass

An added bonus of stir-fry cooking is that dishes are colorful and lovely to behold. The varied ingredients make an appetizing display.

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff