Jumping for health

What one exercise device is easy enough for a child to use, totally portable and inexpensive? The jump rope. Jumping rope is a great workout for adults. It provides a cardiovascular workout and burns as many calories as running.

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Athletes are jumping rope as part of their workout and boxers have skipped it for years. Fifteen minutes of jumping rope burns about 200 calories. A jump rope workout strengthens the heart, muscles and bones and improves coordination, timing and rhythm.

Before you begin, choose a rope that suits you. There are many types of ropes to choose from. Be sure your rope is the right length. The rope handles should reach your armpits when you stand on the center of it.

Ashrita Furman holds many jump rope Guinness World records.

Most jumprRoping in 24 hours
Most underwater rope jumping in an hour
Most jump roping while bouncing on a Pogo stick in a minute

Ashrita Furman

Start by alternating periods of jumping with resting. As time goes on do less resting and more jumping. Your goal should be to jump continuously for 15 minutes.

As you become used to the plain old up and down jumping, the workout will become easier. It is also a sign that it is time to make some changes. One way to make it challenging is to learn new jumping styles:

  • Skipping: Skip in place jumping over the rope with a little hop on one foot.
  • Jumping Jack: Jump with feet apart and together again.
  • Cross-Over: Cross arms in front of your body, jump through the loop then uncross arms.

Although jumping rope can be called child's play, anyone can jump rope in any room of the house.

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