Classic grilled cheese

Thereís nothing like the creamy texture and tantalizing smell of warm cheese. When it oozes from golden toasted bread, youíve got a classic American dish: the grilled cheese sandwich.

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Grilled cheese dishes can be made from hundreds of ingredients, and choosing the right bread is the important first step. Sourdough bread is a favorite, but flavored breads that taste of rosemary, onion dill, or sun-dried tomato add an interesting tang. Bagels and muffins work well as a base for melted cheese. If using plain white bread choose one that is dense and be sure to pair it with a flavorful cheese.

Next is the cheese. What a range of choice! Not all cheese melts so itís essential to use a cheese that responds to the grilling process. Cheddar,  Mozzarella, or  Jack  are among the best known cheeses for this purpose. But more exotic Appenzell or Gruyere make the dish sing.

Great combinations

Grilled Jack on Rye

Panini and Chevre with tomato

Dill Havarti on Multi Grain Bread

Melted Cheddar with pickle on Wheat

Brush the bread with butter or olive oil. Place in a heavy, non-stick pan and weight the sandwich to get a crisp texture. A can of food can be used as a weight, or push down with a spatula while grilling.  

This American favorite has roots overseas. English Welsh Rarebit is broiled toast smothered with a creamy cheese topping. French Croque Monsier calls for toasted loaf slices filled with ham and cheese, and warmed under the broiler. Italyís Fontina Pan Bagna is a crusty baguette filled with fresh tomato and warmed cheese. All echo the goodness of the grilled cheese sandwich.

Funky lunch : happy food for happy children
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How to turn an ordinary lunchtime sandwich into something fun-like¬ Spongebob, Hello Kitty,¬ or a piano-to encourage children to eat a varied and healthy lunch ¬  Every parent knows how stressful meal times can be. Young minds need inspiring and this is exactly what¬ the¬ Funky Lunch website¬ set out to do. The book features¬ 50 of the very best Funky Lunch sandwich ideas-from simple farmyard creatures and cucumber crocodiles to favorite characters from the world of children's TV-as well as some fun and creative interactive spreads to help get the little ones involved in choosing and making their lunch. Lunch should never¬ look boring,¬ when it can¬ look just like¬ a¬ rocketship flying through the stars, the Loch Ness monster, a pretty mermaid, or Winnie the Pooh.
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Bistro At Home instructs every step of the way in creating bistro quality meals from scratch. Each of the 95 finished pizzas and 35 flatbread recipes are illustrated in full-color. Readers draw upon an array of styles including Asian, Caribbean, Country Garden, Farmhouse Rustico, Paisano Primo, Ranch Grande, and Seafood Harvest to create their own signature dishes. A special, illustrated section describes in detail dough processing, flour selection and formation of both thin and deep dish crusts.
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