Bird mansions
Easy to build birdhouses : a natural approach
A.J. Hamler.
Cincinnati, Ohio : Popular Woodworking Books, c2010.
A nature-friendly way to attract and house birdsBirdhouses are a favorite project among woodworkers. Made of inexpensive materials, they are quick to build and a pleasure for the whole neighborhood.Easy to Build Birdhousesincludes 26 fun projects for woodworkers of all skill levels. Part 1 talks about construction basics, wood grain, doors and access, proper drainage and ventilation, interiors, materials and hardware, paint and stain, and house mounting and support methods. It also addresses birdhouse placement and how to attract birds. Part 2 shows how to make birdhouses using natural materials to help them blend in with their surroundings. Part 3 shows how to make bird feeders that help attract birds. Part 4 provides examples of colorful and whimsical birdhouses, like a lighthouse and a Cape Cod bungalow, that are a little more advanced.
Designer birdhouses : 20 upscale homes for sophisticated birds
Richard T. Banks.
New York : Lark Books, 2008.
It's a breeze to make distinctive and stylish birdhouses when you start out with Richard T. Banks's easy-to-assemble "basic box" design. Winged creatures of all types will flock to these great projects, which evoke a classic Victorian, a sleek contemporary home an A-frame chalet, and more. Book jacket.
15 easy-to-build birdhouses
Andrew Newton-Cox and Deena Beverley.
London : Lorenz, 2006.
How to create 20 delightfully original birdhouses, feeders and tables, shown step-by-step with over 150 colour photograpgs and diagrams.
Birdhouses : from castles to cottages--20 simple homes and feeders to make in a weekend
Alison Jenkins.
Pleasantville, N.Y. : Reader's Digest, [2006].
Designs range from classic and simple to whimsical and ornate, including: - A simple Log Cabin and a Sandcastle- A fanciful Swiss Chalet and a Cinderella's Castle- An architectural High-Rise House and a Pyramid- A whimsical Space Rocker and a Haunted HouseComplete with full tool and material lists, precise drawings of all four templates, and an extensive resource section, Birdhouses is the perfect guide for all bird lovers. Whether you're a beginner or an expert craftsperson, you'll find this comprehensive, easy-to-use guide the best way to build beautiful houses to spruce up your and shelter its birds for years to come. Your success as a bird "landlord" will be assured!
Birdhouses you can build in a day
by the editors of Popular Woodworking Books.
Cincinnati, Ohio : Popular Woodworking Books, c2004.
There's no reason to buy a ready-made birdhouse when it only takes a few short hours to build an even better version. This 128-page book is jam-packed with more than 50 projects that make it easy to attract birds to any backyard. It's hard to go wrong when the editors of Popular Woodworking are leading the way with: * Designs that are guaranteed to attract specific bird types * Step-by-step color photos and captions * Styles for every taste-and nearly every region, including Australia, Europe and the United States All readers need are basic woodworking skills and tools, along with readily available materials, to turn their backyards into a birdwatcher's paradise!
The new birdhouse book : inspiration and instruction for building 50 birdhouses
Leslie Garisto ; plans by Ethan Anderson.
Gloucester, Mass. : Quarry Books, c2004.
The New Birdhouse Book is a celebration of avian housing, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. From common box houses to elaborate pillared feeders, this book is a delightful volume that provides endless ideas and a range of plans detailing housing solutions for our feathered friends. Book jacket.
The big book of bird houses & bird feeders : how to build unique bird houses, bird feeders and bird baths from the purely practical to the simply outrageous
Thom Boswell, Bruce Woods & David Schoonmaker.
New York : Sterling Pub., c2004.
Your feathered friends will flock to these eye-catching projects, whether an outrageous design like the futuristic "Intergalactic Snack" feeder or a tiny "New England Town Hall" birdhouse. Make a charming "Victorian Gazebo" that might serve as an attractive focal point in a formal garden, craft an unusual birdbath from a basin nestled in woven grapevines, or build a "San Francisco Rowhouse" featuring exceptional detail work. Your finished design will add charm to any outdoor setting. Book jacket.
Birdhouses : a step-by-step guide to building attractive homes for your feathered friends
John Kelsey.
London : PRC Pub., 2002.
Detailed captions show exactly how to make a birdhouse, from the basic birdhouse to more complex models such as the cube and box birdhouses. The introduction demonstrates how to start woodworking, what tools are needed, and safety tips. Fantastic color photographs show each stage of construction, along with a full page image of each birdhouse. Book jacket.

Designing and building a unique birdhouse is an exciting project for a family to complete together. Each family member can be creative by contributing something special to the project. The result will be a 'mansion' for your neighborhood birds to call home.

Before any construction is started, you have to decide exactly which type of birdhouse you wish to make. Birdhouses may be made from wood, pottery, or even recycled plastic bottles.

Check what type of birds live in your neighborhood. The design of your birdhouse will depend upon the type of bird you want to attract. Purple martins are one of the trickiest birds to attract, while wrens and sparrows will quickly find their way to your backyard.

Birdhouses for specific species

Chickadees are attracted to placement in a small tree thicket.

Eastern bluebirds likes open areas facing a field.

House wrens prefer lower branches of backyard trees.

Purple martins favor an open yard without tall trees and near water.

A backwoods birdhouse might look like a log cabin. A hanging upside-down clay flowerpot, with a hole on the side, is the perfect home for a family of wrens. Or try a hanging flower box that has a wooden birdhouse at each end. This idea pays double dividends - both birds and flowers for your pleasure viewing.

A final word of advice, over the years your bird population may change. Keep this in mind and potentially consider every few years of building a new type of birdhouse, or replacing the old ones. Fine-feathered friends will appreciate your hard work and you will enjoy watching the birds.

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff