Attending job fairs
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The way it works
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Job fairs are an opportunity for many job seekers to meet with multiple representatives from companies searching for candidates for a wide variety of positions. Employers may interview on-site, and some fairs include seminars about job searching.

Job fairs are everywhere, from general expositions to ones focused on specific labor markets such as technology, education, and health careers. Check your local newspaper job advertising pages to learn of fairs in your area. Check trade publications for national calendars of job fair events.

Before attending any fair identify your top choices of employers. Research the company, if possible visit their website for information. The meeting may only last a minute or two so that all important first impression is a plus.

Dress professionally and introduce yourself to each person you meet.

Carry several copies of your resume in a portfolio or briefcase. It looks more professional and it provides a place for you to keep the handouts from different employers. 

Virtual job fairs allow you to create an online profile that employers will be able to utilize to research candidates. At the same time, you will be able to login, search, and research employers based on their profile. Interested employers will be able to contact you directly during the virtual job fair time period.

Prepare, in advance, a summary of your goals and experience in a few sentences. Have a few key questions to ask.

As you leave your resume ask the person for a business card. After the fair follow up with a thank you note. Job fairs can be a time-effective way of searching for a job. You just may be invited for an interview at a later date.

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff