Nothing defies duct tape
When duct tape just isn't enough : quick fixes for everyday disasters
by C.J. Petersen.
New York : Hearst Books, c2007.
There are many little things, both annoying and serious, that can go wrong around the house. But before you call in a professional, try this Popular Mechanics manual. It's filled with simple, ingenious quick fixes that any homeowner can handle. Many of these ideas use ordinary repair materials in creative ways, or else unusual materials to make conventional repairs. A number of the fixes are designed as down-and-dirty shortcuts to get you through an emergency until you can make a permanent repair. You'll also learn when to go with a pro and how to prevent disasters from occurring in the first place. Learn how to handle: Clogged gutters, A flooded basement, Sticky doors, Broken windows, A ripped window screen, Frozen door locks, Hairline cracks in a wall, Mysterious leaks, Flickering fluorescent lights, Knocking radiators, A dishwasher that won't drain, And so much more. Book jacket.
Duct tape marketing : the world's most practical small business marketing guide
John Jantsch.
Nashville, Tennessee : Thomas Nelson Publishers, c2007.
A collection of proven tools and tactics woven together in a step-by-step marketing system that shows small business owners exactly what to do to market and grow their businesses.
Love is a mix tape : life and loss, one song at a time
Rob Sheffield.
New York : Crown Publishing, c2007.
Sheffield relates the two important love affairs of his life, the first with music and the fine art of the perfect mix tape, and the second with a woman who changes him forever.

Duct tape is a cloth mesh, covered in a rubber based waterproof adhesive, multi-purpose tape. It is usually silver but is available in many other colors. It was first used by the military to waterproof ammunition cases. Then it was discovered that the tape could be used to repair jeeps and other military equipment including guns and aircraft.

Uses for duct tape

Fix broken tail light
Streamers for a bike
Hinge on cabinet door
Closing chip bags
Patch hole in canoe

more uses

After the war, the housing industry boomed and the name "duct tape" came from its use on sealing seams in the heating and air conditioning ducts.

People started using duct tape for many other purposes and today is found in many homes and tool kits. How can anyone forget the
catch-phrase of Tim 'The Toolman' Taylor, portrayed by Tim Allen in his sit-com Home Improvement, "if you can't fix it, 'duck' it!".

NASA has a policy to always send a roll of duct tape on every space shuttle mission. NASCAR calls duct tape the "200 mph tape" for it's quick repairs to cars during races.

Crafters enjoy making novelty items such as clothes, handbags, belts and more. There is even an annual competition that offers a college scholarship to the person who creates the most stylish prom formal wear made from duct tape.

There are many uses for duct tape from quick fixes around the house to being creative and making that one of a kind fashion piece.

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff