Negotiate your salary
How to get the promotion you want in 90 days or less : a step-by-step plan for making it happen
by Lexi M. Schuh.
Ocala, Fla. : Atlantic Pub. Group, c2009.
They either do not feel like they are properly appreciated or feel that they could do much be A recent USA Today poll found that one in ten people actually feel important in their job; in number may be lower because it did not account for People who want to be promoted or feel they could perform better at their current position.
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Breaking into the boys' club : 8 ways for women to get ahead in business
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Are you a loyal and productive employee who thinks they are worth more in today's job market? Do you really like your present job and are interested in being better compensated for it? Then it might be time to negotiate your salary.

Before you approach your boss about a raise, it's important to know what your job is really worth. Research salaries in your area for comparable positions with your skills and experience.

You will want to be prepared for your meeting so actually writing out an agenda can keep you focused on the key issues you want to address. Let your boss know how valuable you are based on your skills, productivity, job tasks, and your contribution to the company. Think about the accomplishments from the past year, what projects you are working on now and what are your goals for the coming year.

If you are unable to get the salary you want, inquire about other benefits that you can negotiate into your salary package such as more vacation time, sick accrual and personal days, a gas card or cellular phone.

If after all this, you do not get the raise you deserve, don't despair. Salary meetings can occur as many times as you can schedule them.  Ask your boss what you have to do to receive an increase, and deliver what you say you will do. Make sure your boss is aware of what you do and how well you do it. Document your accomplishments in preparation for your next opportunity to discuss salary.

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff