Cuddle cats
The DVD book of cats
Ian Welch.
Swindon : Green Umbrella, 2008.
DVD Book of Cats is a 128-page hardback book containing a unique DVD documentary on Cat Breeds and their history. The book details the history of each breed with facts and trivia and is illustrated throughout with fantastic color photographs. Purrfect for all cat lovers! Written by Jon Stroud.
The ideal companion : a guide to choosing the perfect cat
produced by Videoframe Communications Ltd. ; written by Cathy Bennett ; directed & edited by Marc Deleuze.
Harrington Park, N.J. : Janson Media, [2004, c1999]
  1. DVD.
  2. Narrator, Carrie McCloy.
  3. Camera, Carl Deleuze ; music, Network Music.
  4. Provides insight into the history, temperament, sociability and life span of 20 different cat breeds. Suggested for those about to choose a purebred cat. Includes a section on what to look for in a kitten.
  5. Abyssinian -- Balinese -- Bengal -- Birman -- British shorthair -- Burmilla -- Colorpoint shorthair -- Cornish Rex -- Exotic -- Foreign Burmese -- Himalayan -- Manx -- Ocicat -- Persian -- Ragdoll -- Russian Blue -- Scottish Fold -- Siamese -- Somali -- Sphynx.
The Cat Fanciers' Association complete cat book
by CFA and its associates ; edited by Mordecai Siegal.
New York, NY : HarperResource, c2004.
The Cat Fanciers' Association Complete Cat Book provides both breeders and pet owners with an easy, authoritative, and engaging reference book on their beloved pet. Written by the associates of the CFA -- consummate experts in their field -- and edited by Mordecai Siegal, this compendium offers a thoroughly instructive and wholly entertaining resource by providing all the information necessary for knowing everything about the feline. All forty-one breeds officially recognized by the CFA are here; detailed descriptions and official standards outline their history, physical features, and personality, and include show grooming requirements and special handling tips, whether you're at home or in the ring. In addition, you'll find a lively illustrated history of the CFA, the world's largest and most prestigious registry of pedigreed cats. The book also includes a home veterinary guide as well as in-depth information on cat selection, grooming, behavior, and other essential topics. A major section is devoted to feline nutrition, as energy and nutrition requirements vary during the different stages of a cat's life. CFA veterinary experts offer advice from choosing the right cat food to keeping your beloved feline healthy and fit. The Cat Fanciers' Association Complete Cat Book promises to become the standard reference in every cat lover's home.
The ultimate encyclopedia of cats, cat breeds & cat care
Alan Edwards ; veterinary consultant, Trevor Turner.
London : Lorenz ; Lanham, Md. : Distributed by National Book Network, c2003.
This comprehensive book brings together in one indispensable volume the very latest veterinary-approved advice on cat care and the most up-to-date coverage of the world's cat breeds.

Certain cat breeds, with their big round eyes set wide apart under their large forehead, look likely cuddly teddy bears. Their distinctive look makes them attractive pets.

The most well known breed like this is the Persian. This cat is known for its heavy “cobby” frame and large head. Long hair forms a cloud around its body making it appear much larger than it really is. Persians are the ultimate cuddle cats because they love to lie around, being admired and pampered.

Kitten or adult cat? Which is the pet for you?

Kittens are playful and fun to watch. Everyone loves a kitten! But kittens require more attention and care. They need a certain amount of training.

Adult cats are calmer, with a developed appearance and personality. A good breeder will be able to describe the adult cat’s habits and likes. There are no surprises in the physical appearance of an adult cat which can be important  if you are considering breeding or showing.

The Exotic Shorthair is for pet owners who don’t want to devote hours to grooming a Persian. With all the physical attributes of the Persian cat but without the long hair, this cat has the same soft round lines in head and body. Its coat is short, thick, and luxurious. Exotics have a sweet expression formed by wide eyes and a tiny, snub nose.

Exotics come in all of the patterns and colors of Persians including tabbies, bi-colors, shaded patterns, and solid colors. They are reputed to be more athletic than their Persian cousins.

Himalayan cats were originally a mixture of Persian and Siamese. These cats have the body and long hair of a Persian but the color of the Siamese. Himalayans are temperamentally aligned with their Persian ancestors. They are calm cats who love to be petted and played with. 

These hefty cats have substance when sitting on your lap. On a cold winter’s evening they will give their owner a warm cuddle!

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff