Convenient casseroles
300 best casserole recipes
Tiffany Collins.
Toronto : Robert Rose, c2010.
Friendly, soothing and convenient to make, casseroles are perfect for busy lifestyles.Home life is especially challenging when a negative economy combines with intense time pressures. Casseroles offer relief by delivering great comfort foods with convenient prep times. These dishes are perfect for busy home cooks looking for great make-ahead dishes for a quick and easy weeknight meal or when entertaining during the weekend. Households on the go can prepare and freeze single or full servings, ready to accommodate everyone's schedule.Most of the recipes in 300 Best Casserole Recipes feature ingredients that are already in pantries, cupboards or freezers. There are entire chapters devoted to breakfast and brunch casseroles, vegetarian and gluten-free options, classic chicken dishes and even desserts. Some of these tasty dishes are: Smoked gouda mac and cheese Ratatouille casserole Beef pot pie Black bean enchilada casserole Southwestern shepherd's pie Crab strata Bacon and leek quiche Twice baked potato casserole Corn spoon bread Stuffed spareribs No-pasta lasagna Paella with sausage Bread pudding with whiskey sauce Caramel rocky road bars Pecan pie browniesMany of the recipes also include alternatives and tips to help make them lighter and healthier.
500 casseroles : the only casserole compendium you'll ever need
Rebecca Baugniet.
South Portland, Me. : Sellers Pub., c2009.
This new cookbook embraces casseroles as the original comfort food but treats them with a modern flare. The volume contains recipes for long-standing favorites like chicken pot pie and classic mac and cheese, as well as light casseroles.
Casserole crazy : hot stuff for your oven!
Emily Farris.
New York, NY : Home, c2008.
A quirky collection of both classic and unusual casserole recipes featuring recipes from top culinary artists. Long the butt of foodies’ jokes, the time has come to redeem and reclaim the humble casserole, in all its Funyun -topped glory. Hearty, no-fuss, and (admit it!) old school delicious, the classic casserole is made from at least two solid ingredients, plus one complementary gooey ingredient. Always stirred—never layered! Author Farris has collected 125 variations on this theme that will have eaters sheepishly sneaking back to the buffet for seconds—and thirds. From Beefy Mac to 5 Ps Italian Casserole, Classic Tuna Noodle to Zucchini and Corn Bake, Farris and celebrity cooking pros have thrown their best casserole recipes into the mix. And since it includes vegetarian, vegan, and lactose- and glucose-free alternatives, everyone can go casserole crazy.

Whether it's prepared for family supper, formal buffets or potluck dinners casseroles are convenient because the ingredients are cooked and served in the same dish. Ingredients are mixed or layered in the dish and can include meat and vegetables, moistened with broth, sauces or canned soups and sometimes topped with cheese, breadcrumbs or chips. 

Some advantages of cooking in a casserole are:

  • Prepared ahead of time allows flavors to mellow together.
  • Can stretch the meal to feed unexpected company.
  • Gives the cook more time to relax and enjoy their guests.
  • Tough meats are cooked to tender.
  • Food keeps hot in the dish.
  • Saves on dishwashing because it eliminates all but one cooking dish.
  • Using leftovers can produce tasty combinations.
  • May be frozen cooked or uncooked and directly in the casserole dish.

Casserole tips

Spray dish with non-stick spray for easy clean up

For a crisp, browned topping, don't cover the casserole while baking

Place a hot pad under a hot casserole to prevent scorching the table

Creamy soups are a main ingredient to the casserole. Not only do they provide moisture but give lots of flavor. In 1934 Campbell's introduced Cream of Mushroom Soup and one of the most popular casseroles in the United States was created, the Green Bean Casserole, which makes an appearance on many holiday tables.

Casseroles are served around the world. Some flavorable dishes are Italian lasagna, French gratin’s, Spanish paellas and Hungarian noodles. With many vegetables and lean meats, fresh herbs and spices and food choices from around the world, today's casserole can be more than just the American classic Tuna Casserole.

Article by: St. Louis Public Library staff